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Boost your Website SEO with Schema Markup

Boost your Website SEO with Schema Markup With the invasion of Voice Search technology in the industry and the growing influence of the RankBrain algorithm on the Google’s core Search algorithm, the need to place webpage in context has become more essential to strengthen the search visibility and ultimately the SEO results. What is meant […]

How to avoid the 8 most common video marketing mistakes

There was a time when video marketing was considered to be an expensive affair for any business to undertake. But with the advent of technologies such as smartphones and other professional video equipment, this process has become a lot easier. Besides that, access to various platforms like YouTube, further makes video marketing even simpler. Consequently, there is […]

State of Digital Marketing in 2019

With the commencement of 2019, businesses are on a lookout for embracing new competitive trends and techniques to allure and connect with the maximum number of customers. Moreover, everyone is able to witness the unstoppable and accelerated systems of digital marketing. Considering this fact, almost every business is trying its level best to strengthen its digital […]

Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

Keeping pace with these ever-evolving trends in website optimization has become hard to play with over the period of last 10 years. Earlier, Google was supposed to assess the websites on the basis of 200 ranking factors. But with the advancing time, the factors that determine SERPs have also evolved. Hang On! But we still […]

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Top Misconceptions about Web Development

In today’s jiffy who is oblivion to word ‘Website’? Websites aren’t just a stack of web pages on the web but now have become essential pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of a company’s success. If a site is used in a perfect way, it creates a mesmerizing picture of profits else, we all know what […]