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May 17, 2019

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Why Content Marketing Strategy is a Must for SEO in 2019?

Similar to other inconsistent things in life, consumers’ behaviour is also the same. In today’s scenario, businesses or brands are investing blindly into marketing with a view to just anticipate or perhaps keep abreast with the changing preferences of the buyers. However, content marketers always take the lead since user engagement implies the course of effective content marketing.
Since the change in customer behaviour is consistent, content marketing is considered to be important in 2019. Unlike the previous researches, the current studies show that with the lack of effective content marketing strategy, no business can keep up with the demands of the customers and its competitors.

What do you understand by Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that empowers the inbound marketing process. In inbound marketing and sales, it becomes easier for the customers to discover your business organically and particularly through thoughtful and engaging content online. This is marketing strategy that involves the creation of effective content that attracts the customers and directs them through the sale process. There is a set sales funnel followed by a content marketing strategy. The funnel is like the awareness stage placed at the top, followed by the consideration stage and finally runs down to the sales.

Overlapping of Content Marketing and SEO

The content for any business is always created in compliance with its objectives. If it is done with utmost care and effectiveness then optimizing your content emerges as one the major content marketing strategies that are discoverable with the help of the SEO. Most importantly they have common goals of attracting a good number of audience and accomplishing company goals by following a similar mechanism.

1. Keyword optimization in the content

This means optimizing the keywords while the content is being published. Now, here content acts as the mediator. This is because whenever a new article is written, a new keyword is assigned to Google to track. Employing a number of keywords implies that attracting your target audience becomes relatively easier.

All these factors are certainly helpful in maximizing your business.

2. Google Indexing of Content

There is a direct relation between the number of pages in the content and the ranking in the Google listing. The more the content, the more Google Search Engine Listing. This means Google gets a number of chances to index your content.

3. SEO Content Authority

One can conveniently enhance the authority of the content if the content is effective and attractive. This further helps in increasing Google rankings. Comprehensive content together with inbound links, keywords, infographics and so on, increases the user experience which ultimately increases the Google search metrics.

Importance of Content Marketing Strategy in SEO

Below listed are some factors that prove that content marketing strategy is essential for SEO in 2019

    • SEO requires content and Content Marketing offers the content-SEO without content is impossible. For SEO one needs articles, keywords, substance, words, verbiage. As a matter of fact, content is the key in the SEO world. And when we talk about content marketing, the content is the first thing that we register. Now, when we combine the two, the practical application of the SEO content accounts for the most important aspect of content marketing.
    • SEO requires keywords and Content Marketing implies the usage of keywords-Keywords are another important feature of SEO. It is irrefutable that this fundamental concept of SEO that is keywords is responsible for researching, utilizing and tracking the ranking in the SERPs. However, in content marketing, the strategical application of the keywords takes place. Content marketing constitutes of quality content which is drafted for humans and also uses the keywords that are targeted.
    • SEO urges for backlinks and Content marketing inserts backlinks- SEO demands for backlinks and one can achieve through quality content via content marketing. However, the best way to build links for effective SEO is by creating superior content. This is the secret to continuous SEO success. If you want to have an effective SEO then infusing this imperative element of content marketing is a must.
  • SEO requires continuous output and content marketing demands consistency- Google is always in search of fresh content. If you are aware of SEO, then you might also know that the fresh content rapidly gets indexed and is registered at higher SERPs as compared to the previous content. However, when the fresh content is displayed on the site with significant authority, then it is certain to have a boost in SERP. Therefore, good SEO then implies the consistent output of the content. By consistency, one means that content marketing is operational and it is carried in the right way. This has been proven as one of the effective ways of converging SEO and content marketing

Final Thought

As one of the best SEO companies in India, Techies Infotech have drawn the first-hand experience that both SEO and content marketing goes hand in hand. These two are no longer divergent departments with incoherent efforts. The above discussions clearly portray the success of content marketing comes with the successful application of SEO features. Putting it in other words, if you write content and there is no substantial traffic on it, then it is of no use. So, in order to make it discoverable, you require SEO.

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