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video marketing

April 17, 2019

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There was a time when video marketing was considered to be an expensive affair for any business to undertake. But with the advent of technologies such as smartphones and other professional video equipment, this process has become a lot easier.

Besides that, access to various platforms like YouTube, further makes video marketing even simpler. Consequently, there is almost a good percentage of people who are engaged in video content marketing, to promote their business or brand.

But before you get rolling, it is quintessential to take heed of a few simple steps to outperform your competitors with a quality video. According to recent studies, researchers have come up with some easy ways to avoid the 8 common video marketing mistakes. Below mentioned are the 8 common mistakes made by an aspiring video marketer together with the ways to avoid them:

1. Excess of Aggressive Selling

Have you ever thought of how you will react to a person who met you for the first time and right away proposes you for marriage? Aggressive Selling is somewhat similar to that instinct. We understand that there will a very distant probability, but it is always good to establish a relationship gradually. The best way is to unfurl things eventually. Firstly, put across a teaser video, to fascinate your potential buyers. Further, start sharing your real content and encourage a continued relationship.

2. Videos are not inclusive in Campaigns

The biggest mistake committed by the video marketers is that, they overburden their target audience with information, that it ruins their first impression. Always try and leave your viewer into thoughts and curiosity, once he has viewed your short-span video. Rather than creating a lengthy video, one should focus on creating various short fragments of videos with a multifarious approach. This, in turn, gives rise to the ‘marinated effect’, which means multiplication and concentration on the intended purpose of the company. Subsequently, your viewers will be filtered, which implies that now your videos should be short, informative, precise and entertaining. Establish an emotional bond, inspire and leave them in the curiosity to learn more.

3. Inadequate Title and SEO

Engaging Titles and powerful tagging are considered to be certain essential factors in enlarging your SEO and controlling your views. Even though you have a great video, but if people are unable to find it, all your efforts will be in vain.

4.Discorded Content

Video marketing is not only restricted to visual images. To create an effective video, one needs to align the images with the best possible sounds and text. You should consider these points, whenever developing a video. The complete video should be reflective and deliberately planned. Each and every factor such as the use of appropriate words, the tone of the voice, sectional use of the content and screen, all accounts for the overall performance of your video.

5. Emphasize on products, not people

In reality, people are more inclined towards the stories rather than facts. Therefore do not end up stuffing your video with facts. Rather share stories about the people who are already using your products. Also, share their reviews about the same. Remember, if your story is conveyed well, then the people are deemed to look out for more information.

6. Unmanaged power of the video

Have you ever wondered how powerful a video can be? To put it in other words, if compared to a picture that tells a 1000 words, a video is ought to be powerful which lasts for a minimum of 30 seconds. Just ensure that your video showcases the correct content with an appropriate essence. Moreover, you should also take care of the style being employed while creating a video. Try and pick the style that is authentically complied with your brand. This further escalates your message and helps you target the right audience.

7. Inappropriate use of Social Media Platforms

It is irrefutable that YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase the videos. But the market is swelled with other platforms too. Therefore do not constraint your reach instead uses your SEO by publishing your videos on many other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. This does not imply that your initial platform of posting should be YouTube and then you can share the link on other platforms. Did you know that when you upload a video directly on a platform, say Facebook, you are certain to almost double your views as compared to those that you would receive by sharing?

8. Prolonged Videos

We reside in a world of prompt contentment and short consideration span. This is where you get your baseline to create your video. It implies that your video should be entertaining and informative yet short. This has evolved as the trademark of video marketing.

Techies Infotech – Best Video Marketing Service Providers in India

While serving you with the best quality informative videos for your brand, we ensure to play our expertise.

Techies Infotech takes every single strategy into consideration to avoid the above mentioned 8 most common video marketing mistakes. With our uncontestable services, we ascertain to provide you with a flawless video that connects, resonates and engages your target audience, to drive traffic to your site and generate sales.

Manisha Sharma

As the Creative Head and a Unity Developer at Techies Infotech FZCO, I coordinate teams, learn development, and design graphics products for various industries, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created images and layouts for multiple projects, including food, healthcare, and clothing. I have also developed creative design for print materials, banners, and signs. I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences with AR, VR, and gaming technologies.

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