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The state of video marketing in 2020

INTRODUCTION Human psychology says that our brain will choose the shortest path to do any task. If I tell you to read a 1000 word article or to watch a short 3-4 minute video analysis, what will you choose? 99% will opt to pick up the next option. It’s a fact that videos provide greater […]

How to avoid the 8 most common video marketing mistakes

There was a time when video marketing was considered to be an expensive affair for any business to undertake. But with the advent of technologies such as smartphones and other professional video equipment, this process has become a lot easier. Besides that, access to various platforms like YouTube, further makes video marketing even simpler. Consequently, there is […]

Deepak Kumar October 18, 2018 No Comments

Importance of Videos Production For SEO

Web platform these days has become one of the most dynamic platforms of the galaxy. It has become such platform which changes within a blink of an eye. Hence it is very important that one stays updated with the pros and cons of the aspects of the web world. SEO plays a major role in […]

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