Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

Keeping pace with these ever-evolving trends in website optimization has become hard to play with over the period of last 10 years. Earlier, Google was supposed to assess the websites on the basis of 200 ranking factors. But with the advancing time, the factors that determine SERPs have also evolved.

Hang On! But we still can account for some factors that haven’t changed. Therefore, being one of the best SEO companies in India we have taken an initiative to help you with website optimization techniques 2019. So, let’s run into some successful techniques to optimize your website in 2019.

1. Employ Technical SEO

Infusing the website with technical SEO has become an inescapable strategy to optimize your website in 2019. Technical SEO has become the need of the website optimization 2019 because:

  • Factually, a website’s speed is majorly counted upon the technical SEO. However, Google is backing the websites that have more first meaningful paint speed.
  • In addition, JavaScript is the other emerging website optimization technique for 2019, adopted by the major search engines. It helps your website gain an edge over others. This tool is for front-end programming that creates a feature-rich, fast and user-friendly website. So, laying your hands on JavaScript is another wise move to rank your website.
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) is another website optimization tool which is popping up in 2019. Powered by Google, this tool enhances the website by featuring qualities like an app. It is an exposure to a various web solutions. For instance, the existing website with PWA let you experience improved performance, advanced conversion rates, push notifications and offline operations. Hence, start building your plans to make your website stay live as a PWA in the future, to experience superior SERPs.

2. Mobile First Approach

Owing to the facts, mobile searches have been widely accepted as the best SEO trend for the past few years. Further, the experts have acknowledged the growth in mobile searches in 2019 and beyond. Therefore, Google prefers mobile user experiences over the desktops. Hence, making your website responsive, using short meta titles, scaling your images appropriately, setting the pop-ups avoiding them to cover the content and many more are certain practices to address mobile users. Thereupon, ensure your targeted audience a better user interface in 2019.

 Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

3. Voice Search

Pertaining to the current scenario, we are witnessing a major inclination of the people towards mobile phones. Considering this fact, the experts have tagged ‘Voice Search’ as an invincible website optimization technique for 2019. Assenting to the success followed by this strategy, almost every SEO company is strategizing their services with this feature. Although being advantageous, this website optimization tool has a downside too. The major challenge is confronted by websites with complex responses, making it a hard nut to crack. Yet its pros outweigh its cons, making it one of the best trends to optimize your website in 2019.


4. Qualitative Content

As the best SEO Company in India, our stringent research on the SEO performance has stated a fact that ‘Over the past few years, Google Algorithm has adopted a quality-centric approach, when ranking a website.’ The research clearly displayed the superior results for the websites with quality content outperforming the websites with weak content. As a result, we vouch for the websites with quality content rather than the websites with quantitative content. To optimize your website in major search engines, it is advocated to build a website with excellent content, as it is the best tool to help you rank your website.


5. User Centric

If employed the user-centric approach or user experience (UX) into your website development, your proximity to higher ranks in SERPs broadens up. UX means invading into your users’ minds and learning about their requirements, abilities, and limitations. Once, you have chalked out all the aforementioned, it becomes a cake walk for you to address your users efficiently. Not only this, but UX also considers the business’s goals and objectives to perform better when optimizing the website comes into question.

 Top 5 Website Optimization Techniques For 2019

While offering the best website design service in India, we consider the following aspects while building a website:

  • Structuring the content in such a manner, that it is easily discoverable by the users.
  • User-friendly website
  • Quality and useful content
  • Ensures the credibility
  • Value-driven for the user

Being the best SEO and web design company in India, Techies Infotech take it as their duty to keep you posted about the ever-evolving website optimizations techniques for 2019. Hence, perfection and updated performance are the USPs of our company. So, help you avoid racking your brains, we serve as a one-stop solution for your entire website and SEO related queries.

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