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Building Success: Homesmiths' Journey to Online Empowerment





Building Success: Homesmiths' Journey to Online Empowerment






Homesmiths emerges as a pioneering DIY concept in the United Arab Emirates, revolutionizing the home improvement landscape with its innovative approach. With conveniently located stores across the UAE, Homesmiths offers a comprehensive range of tools, materials, and resources to cater to the diverse needs of DIY enthusiasts and homeowners.

Committed to promoting self-sufficiency and empowering the community, Homesmiths embodies the ethos of "why buy when it can be built at home.”

Problem Statement

Homesmiths faced significant challenges upon the launch of their online store amid the pandemic, with retail stores shuttered and a reliance on freelancers for SEO management. Despite their efforts, the business struggled to generate revenues through organic channels, experiencing less than a 1% conversion rate and negligible organic revenues.

Additionally, the absence of conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques, low organic traffic, and poor keyword rankings compounded the challenges faced by Homesmiths in maximizing their online presence and driving revenue growth.



Strategy and Implementation

Simplified UX Design

Employed the KISS principle to ensure a user-friendly experience for the target audience.

CRO Strategies Implementation

Implemented cart abandonment emails, identified exit intent, and used social proof.

Improved SEO

Optimized page titles, meta tags, content, and technical aspects for better performance.

Introduction of Blogging

Introduced blogging to increase organic traffic by 25% and enhance engagement with the audience.

Project Goals

To enhance its digital presence, drive organic traffic, and increase revenue generation through targeted strategies aimed at addressing technical issues, optimizing content, and improving the website’s overall performance.



User Converts
to Leads

Simple Seamless

Tech Stack

Results after Strategy & Implementation

After meticulously implementing our strategic solutions, we embarked on a transformation journey with our client. Through a collaborative effort and a commitment to excellence, we successfully elevated the performance of the client's digital presence and achieved remarkable results. Here's a glimpse into the outcomes following the implementation of our strategies:


The journey of Homesmiths, from navigating the challenges of launching an online store amidst the pandemic to overcoming obstacles in generating organic revenues, has been one of resilience and adaptation. Through strategic interventions focusing on UX design simplicity, SEO optimization, CRO strategies, blogging initiatives, and technical SEO enhancements, Homesmiths has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its digital landscape.

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