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Revolutionizing Beauty: Cozmada's Journey to Digital Transformation





Revolutionizing Beauty: Cozmada's Journey to Digital Transformation





About Cozmada

Founded in 2020, Cozmada emerges as a dynamic platform aspiring to become a leading solution provider in the realm of hair and skincare. With an extensive array of premium brands and on-trend stores, Cozmada endeavors to keep its clientele abreast of the latest beauty trends while offering expert advice and innovative solutions for their beauty concerns.

Committed to delivering excellence, Cozmada aims to offer a diverse selection of genuine beauty products and foster a vibrant online community for beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Problem Statement

Cozmada faces multifaceted challenges in its journey towards becoming a premier destination for beauty and wellness. The initial website, constructed on the Magento platform with AWS hosting, encounters issues related to uptime reliability and code compatibility. Furthermore, Google overlooks the platform due to outdated themes, inadequate content, and a lack of site activity.

However, the turning point arrives with the commencement of a website transformation initiative aimed at addressing these critical issues and revitalizing Cozmada's online presence.



Strategy and Implementation

Addressing technical issues

Optimizing the website to ensure it is Google Bot friendly.

Optimize content

Identified keywords, optimized on-page, and engaged with online communities.

Switching platforms

Facilitating the transition from Magento to Shopify to enhance platform efficiency.

Enhancing UX/UI

Improving conversion rates through intuitive design and enhanced functionality.

Project Goals

To enhance its digital presence, drive organic traffic, and increase revenue generation through targeted strategies aimed at addressing technical issues, optimizing content, and improving overall website performance.



User Converts
to Leads

Simple Seamless

Tech Stack

Results after Strategy & Implementation

After implementing our strategic solutions, we observed significant improvements in key metrics, underscoring the effectiveness of our approach in driving tangible results for the client. The following key metrics reflect the outcomes achieved after three months of strategy implementation.


The impressive outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategy implementation in driving tangible results and achieving Cozmada's objectives. As Cozmada continues to evolve and expand its presence in the beauty and wellness industry, our strategic solutions have positioned them for sustained growth and success in the competitive market landscape.
The success story of Cozmada serves as a testament to the power of strategic planning, innovation, and collaboration in achieving remarkable results and driving sustainable growth in the digital era. As Cozmada continues its journey, we remain committed to supporting its success, growth, and prosperity.

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