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March 27, 2020

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What is an E-Commerce Store?

E-Commerce stores or platforms refer to a software application that aids online businesses to manage their website, sales, marketing, products and services provided.

It is a type of platform that allows the companies to function in their way by integrating their tools and centralising their operations. Studies suggest that by the year 2021, the number of digital buyers will increase from 1.66 billion in 2016 to 2.11 billion users. So, there is no going back if you plan to start an ecommerce site or already have one.

It is the best native solution for making money online and increasing profitability, even if you own a brick- mortar store. Starting with an eCommerce website will not guarantee the sales and profit, you need to include some tactics to earn money.


Tips to increase your e-commerce sales

Create Brand Awareness

The selling of e-commerce rises with an increase in brand popularity. The type of branding done can either make or break your business. A blog of “smallbizgenius” suggests that almost 61% of the buyers didn’t finish the marketing process because they didn’t trust the brand much.

Organisations must be crystal clear that consumers trust each other more than the buyer’s trust one another as “Oberlo” found out that 81% of consumers believe other people before deciding on making a purchase. So, it becomes critically important for you to follow steps for doing good branding.

For this, businesses must stuff their websites with high-quality content, prefer tie-ups with other business organisations and never neglect paid ads. Following these simple tactics can help you build trust among users which will ultimately grow your sales.

Target your audience

Every business grows if it targets the right audience. For targeting the right audience, one must be very thorough with their organisation’s audience. Your organisation must start with having detailed information about users that can be done by making customer personas.

Customer personas must include information like location, age group, their area of interest, and what platform they prefer to use for surfing. You must be very thorough with this information to have one-to-one engagement with customers which will profoundly positively impact the sales.

Make sure you enhance your portal and remain updated for retargeting the audience and keeping the present users happy.

Social Media Presence

We are living in the social media era, where your presence on social media becomes essential to attract every user. Studies suggest that people usually prefer platforms that are present on social media and often see your reviews on social platforms. To quote this, according to a survey conducted by “Big Commerce”, stores with social media presence drove 32% more sales than those not present.

So, make sure you do strategic marketing on social media platforms as people surf these platforms for entertainment and gaining information. According to Kinsta, 74% of buyers depend on social media reviews for their purchasing decisions. So, ecommerce platforms can post content containing info about product launches, events, giveaways and anything related to the niche or the happy customer feedbacks as well that will increase the engagement.

Email Marketing

Ecommerce platforms must induce this marketing technique to reach a large mass of people as mentioned by “Wolfgang Digital”. According to them, email marketing drives 20% organic traffic to the ecommerce platforms. So, make sure you implement proper email marketing and add a call to actions to the automated emails so that people can land on your page.

Email marketing not only helps you increase brand awareness among your new customers but retargets the previous audience. Statista and B2B ecommerce market both pen down the success rate of email marketing. According to Statista, 61% of consumers like to receive emails of brands and get updations. Try to have an effectively managed email marketing strategy to get good results and increased sales.

Email marketing also helps in the repurchasing of products and retaining more customers for your organisation.

Use different techniques to showcase your product

Your product showcasing method acts as an asset if implemented rightly. Try to add images of your product and don’t forget to add the reviews and product description. Reviews help you increase your sales because buyers often trust other buyers. A blog by “Disruptive Advertising” wrote that 88% of consumers and shoppers make their purchasing decision only after reading the detailed description of the product.

Videos of products can add feathers in your hat and ensure customer loyalty for your business. Authenticity can never be compromised if you want to set a benchmark for competitors.

Mobile-Optimized Website

Since the majority of people, especially the 92% Millenials, prefer browsing on phones while they purchase any product. Studies suggest that over 4 billion people(almost half of the global population) use the internet and out of these, 92.6% prefer mobiles for shopping.

So, it becomes necessary to have a mobile-optimised website to increase the reach and engagement. By good optimisation, we refer to the increased speed and enhanced user experience on mobile.

The loading speed of the pages on the mobile should be quick; else you may regret it because users quickly get frustrated and leave the site. Your check-in experience and other call-to-action buttons must function correctly.

Offer live chat support

Customers usually prefer to revisit the site, especially the eCommerce stores where they had the experience of one-to-one engagement.

But those buyers whose queries are not tackled by the website may fail to convert, and they leave your site. The stats suggest that 80% of the customers even if they were loyal left the website because of the bad user experience.

So, try to add the live chat support feature on your platform and never ignore a single customer’s queries. An individual customer can cause a loss of crores as every user is a king for eCommerce sales and profit.

Providing excellent customer service cannot be beaten, and the only competition you have is yourself.

Implementation of customisation selling

Every customer is a profit for the business and to fulfil their demands is a shared vision that is followed. Ecommerce platforms are massive-scale integration platforms and have a lot of competition.

A content which is more indexed on any of these social media platforms would thus stand to gain from it.

A survey conducted by “Big Commerce” found out that 53% of online consumers land on your page if you provide customisation and personalisation experience to the users. So, to have a leg up on your competitor, you need to include the feature of customisation for making large scale profit. Implement the customisation option on your website and see what miracles happen to your sales because customers love to land to a page that makes them a priority.

Creative marketing tactics

Use creativity while building your eCommerce portals but don’t forget the excellent structuring of websites. Use of all the on-page elements like headers, titles, footers, content quality, and URLs must be incorporated wisely.

Make sure your link building and readability is maximum, and minimise the errors that may hinder the customer engagement.

Follow omnichannel marketing approach

On average, 52% of ecommerce portals have omnichannel marketing capabilities, and it is considered as the future of ecommerce marketing. Omnichannel marketing refers to marketing in which the user using any platform gets a seamlessly excellent and integrated experience.

These sales are directly proportional to the implementation of omnichannel marketing. The better the way you do omnichannel marketing, the better are the results you get.

How can Techies Infotech help you increase your sales?

Techies Infotech, being the best SEO company in India, works seamlessly to bring the best results for eCommerce portals. We have the expertise of making your website get a better position on Google browser with proficient SEO services around the globe.

We know how helpful the above potent features are, and we work to help you increase your sales and generate more significant revenue.

Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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