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September 29, 2020

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Magento is the ever evolving platform that helps businesses boost their sales and bring advancements in the user experience. However, out of the box, Magento is a complex platform when it comes to SEO.

However, many of the SEO issues are simple to resolve, but many turn out to be strenuous and require an in-depth look in from developers and the SEO team.

If you are an organization that is struggling with Magento SEO issues, here’s what you need to learn and know about the solutions to these Magento SEO issues through our comprehensive guide.

Magento SEO issues

  • Addressing issues to make the mobile-friendly website

While we reside in the mobile world, where site speed is the key to successful SEO, Magento is a slow platform, and has quite a shortfall. So, addressing this issue has become more critical than ever to restrict its negative impact on the performance.

  • Using a server with an adequate amount of RAM and configuring it rightly is the foremost step.
  • Choose a highly responsive design theme for web applications.
  • Enable Cloudflare for better site speed.
  • Disabling the default Magento 2 logos and enabling log cleaning features in the back end are highly helpful. 
  • Go for the authentic and quality compression tools to compress images and front-end assets without compromising the quality. This enhances the image loading speed. 
  • Look for Title, Description, and Header Tags for SEO optimization

Title tags, headings, and descriptions play a critical role in result-driving SEO. However, the default title tags and descriptions in Magento are not very SEO-friendly. To cater to this, you must be thinking of manually assigning the descriptions, heading tags, and titles, but do you think the method is viable for eCommerce product pages? 

No, is the answer to it. So, what is the best method for it? 

A template for products using product variables. Yes, this is the best solution for addressing the less significant pages, and then you can do manual optimization of the essential pages 

For the header tags, you must follow the rules in both templates based and manual optimization. That is, make one H1 heading, two-three H2 headings, and make the rest of the titles H3 and so on. 

  • Eliminate duplicate content

Magento being the dynamic e-commerce platform, generates dynamic pages that have dynamic URLs and leads to duplicate content issues. For example, while you conduct a filter search and use a different combination of searching parameters every time, the result generated will vary in different pages with dynamic URLs, but the content would be the same.

You can now address this issue of eliminating the duplicate content by making changes in the Magento backend setting. All you have to do is turn ON the canonical tag in the admin panel. All the dynamically generated pages will automatically have canonical tags pointing the duplicate content pages to the primary product pages or category pages.

  • Optimization of URLs for products, services, and other pages

The dynamic URLs of e-commerce pages serve no good from the SEO perspective. Fortunately, you can address this issue by the URL rewrite features available in Magento. It automatically generates search engine friendly URLs (Search Engine Friendly URLs) for categories, products, and other content pages.

Also, you get the option of manual addition and editing of the search engine friendly URL by going to the admin panel of Magento and tweaking the settings. 

  • Handling the two faceted navigation links

Features like layered navigation or filter searches often lead to the creation of several SEO issues. Those significantly rising from navigation links are duplicate content, metadata, and URL.

Here we are penning down some solutions to resolve this issue:

  • Try to handle site parameters and search in Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Incorporate the AJAX navigation as it allows the dynamic updation of page content without causing any change to the URL. 
  • You need to restrict the search engine from crawling, indexing pages, and nofollow links using robots.txt provisions. 
  • Using the Follow tag instead of no index, you can allow the crawling of faceted navigation and other pages, but restrict the indexing. 
  • Structure data and OOTB issues

Structured data is the key to generating higher reviews and improving ratings on SERPs both for the products and other pages. However, Magento is based on the Out-of-Box review functionality feature that allows the tagging of structural data in the code using coding.

This is a right UX perspective that helps to spark the trust among the shoppers, but when it comes to the SEO, they can create duplicate content when it is published at more than one page.

The best solution to address this issue is having an OOTB implementation like BazaarVoice, power Reviews, etc., for these reviews.

  • Store sitemap issues

You must be familiar with the importance of XML sitemap as it tells the search engines what to index or crawl and what to not. However, Magento automatically updates the XML sitemap and configures as per the needs. 

This leads to inclusions of way more pages that are important, and thus all the useless pages get crawled and indexed directly affecting the rank. 

To deal with this issue, you can build a new sitemap through the configuration module of the sitemap available in the backend of Magento. 

  • Duplicates caused by SSL

Secure URLs are preferred nowadays by the search engines. It converts the domain URL from http:// to https:// from the entire Magento site. You can make this conversion through the “Configuration” option available under the store. Also, you need to perform the essential changes to the hosting server configuration based on the server type.


SEO is the mere path of having a sustainable and growing ecommerce business. It is essential for better ranking in SERPs to make the most of it. 

However, Magento SEO issues can be a hindrance in the path of accomplishing successful business. So, if you are struggling to resolve such problems and hunting for a dedicated Magento team, then you have landed at the right place. 

Techies Infotech in Amritsar remains forever in your cycle of being nothing to everything. We provide several Magento services. For knowing more, you can visit our website. 

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