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SEO Trends

January 24, 2020

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Search Engine Optimisation is a long term solution to every digital marketing need. One can say that paid campaigns yield better results any day which will not be entirely wrong. But then, isn’t our long term goals about reducing the dependency on money burning methods and improving the organic ROIs.

The catch, however, is that unlike PPC or paid campaign management, Google keeps changing its algorithms for search engine optimisation pretty frequently. However, with each changed algorithm, the entire digital community pumps up for research and figures out what would work best.

It is with this in mind, we have prepared a list of 5 major SEO Trends in 2020 which you cannot choose to ignore if you want your website on the top ranks of the first search page.

Listing them for you below:

Search Intent and Code Optimisation

There has been a huge argument about the relevance of the keywords being used. The SEO community, however, feels that more than just the keywords, Google has now started giving relevance to the search intent.

To put it in perspective, an optimisation for “acne” as a keyword would now be less relevant to go for than optimisation for “how to cure acne” for a cosmetology firm. However, for a science blog, “acne” would make more sense.

Now, one can say that why should not focus on both. Well, the answer to that is that optimising for a keyword takes time and the resources are and will always be limited. In such a situation, the best way is to focus on what is immediately relevant.

Now one would say that it is nearly impossible to know the search intent because we do not really know the customer. Well, agreed but then we do know the kind of intent the customer would have when they come to our business. That is precisely the kind of purpose which long-tail keywords also solve.

Artificial Intelligence has now enabled the businesses to find the exact combination of keywords which their prospects search for. Multiple tools are available in the market for the same which one could use from.

Other than this, the utilisation of Convoluted data networks, plugins, caching mechanisms and script organisation can also help fasten the entire process. This SEO trend in 2020 can help you in staying ahead in the marketplace.

Video Content Optimisation

Video content optimization is one of the important SEO trends in 2020. The entire social media is running towards creating and engaging with more video content. Initially, text optimisation could do well, then it turned to image optimisation and now is the era of videos.

If one looks at the consumption statistics, then video content is consumed 85% in excess of an image or text-based data. Hence, putting up video content and then Youtube, as well as website optimisation in tandem with that, would yield faster and more reliable results.

So, what are the things one could optimise while considering video content? Well, the channel name would be amongst the first things to optimise. Second would come to the keywords you use for your channel.

The channel description will have an important role to play as well and finally the kind of text that you put in on each and every video.

The good news is that not a lot of businesses are doing it right now given that video content creation takes time. So, if you are the first one who ends up exploiting this benefit, the first-mover advantage is going to be yours for sure!

Voice Search Optimisation

Let us have a look at a few statistics, to begin with:

  1. Close to 38% of the users use voice search to find local business
  2. 17% of the people who visited the stores had found them through voice search
  3. 24% of the users make daily voice search

These statistics are simply hard to ignore when it comes to optimize for search engine optimisation. Voice search is pretty quick and one can do it anytime, even when they are on the go.

Also, for users who have a hard time typing, either due to a disability or due to habit, voice search can be of great assistance. Plus, be it Google or Facebook or even the local networks, there is an increasing pressure towards promoting voice search even for the non-smart or feature phones.

In such a case, it makes absolute sense to optimise for voice search as well.

Social Media Indexing

It goes without saying that social media is known to generate some of the best backlinks. Social media channels themselves keep trying out on improving their algorithms so as to increase their importance in the search engine space.

A content which is more indexed on any of these social media platforms would thus stand to gain from it.

The effort required isn’t as much either. One just needs to monitor the best time to post, post content which engages the audience and leaves backlinks as and when required.

CTR Optimisation for Google Rankbrain

Finally, optimise your website for Google’s search engine algorithm Rankbrain and for this you will have to work on your website’s CTR or click-through rate. And how does one have a better CTR- by either writing engaging ad copies if running ads or simply optimising the snippet content.

A user clicks only when they find that the content on your website could be of use to them. So, while you can give a touch of sales to your entire snippet or meta tags yet, make sure that it remains relevant for the user and doesn’t sound too pushy.

In the end, Google appreciates just one thing- the relevance of your content for the user and so, if you can do that at all the possible points of engagement with your prospects, you will definitely nail the SEO monster with ease!

A lot of you might think that building an in-house capability would make sense. However, there is a reason that dedicated digital marketing firms which help with these causes or dedicated SEO agencies exist.

Techies Infotech – Leading SEO Company in India

Based in Chandigarh(Punjab), Techies Infotech is among leading digital marketing companies in India and helping businesses to get ROI by their SEO solutions.

SEO has become pivotal for every website these days, for which Techies Infotech is the right place to get all solutions under one roof.

Moreover, our SEO strategies are up-to-date, complying with algorithms of search engines and result-oriented to get you higher organic traffic on your website for long-term benefits.

We are practical and believe in generating leads via digital medium for the prosperity of your enterprise.

Technicians working at techies are proficient at giving you a quick solution if you need services related to website development or support, mobile application development, PPC, social media marketing, or SEO services in India.

Either meet us at the office in India or outsource anywhere in the world for leveraging your business with digital marketing services.

If you are still not convinced, request a free consultation from our SEO experts at Techies Infotech(India).

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