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June 26, 2019

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How Techies Infotech is Placing Amritsar on the IT Map of India

With the rapid growth in the Indian economy, the IT industry is playing a major role in this progress. Moreover, the fast-paced growth in the expansion of the socio-economic infrastructure has emerged to be of great support in the progress of the Indian information technology industry.

Furthermore, Punjab is the fastest emerging essence of the Indian IT, Amritsar being the topmost in the race. Considering this fact, Techies Infotech, best SEO Company in Amritsar, is serving the people of Amritsar and has also lately sprouted as the best IT company in the city. Being the best web development and digital agency in Amritsar, our team is committed to delivering high quality, cost effective, reliable result-oriented web and e-commerce solutions within the prescribed deadline to not only the clients of the city but also across the nation. As we are serving as a complete IT solution company, we offer the below-mentioned services with utmost diligence.

Best Digital Marketing Company in India

At Techies Infotech, our technology and digital marketing experts are streamlined towards helping our clients in enhancing their business performance. In accordance to which, our team of proficient members aids our clients, by developing better engagement plans with their global customers. This further helps them in selling their products and services effectively and efficiently throughout the globe. This ultimately leads to the growth of the existing or startup businesses which has definitely helped Amritsar rise economically.

Our efforts are directed towards enabling the startups and brands to address the customers’ requirements and develop best in class skills and aptitudes with the application of digital, branding and commerce capabilities. Besides that, our main team has considerable experience in running campaigns for market-driven companies. Furthermore, our managing team is too experienced in monitoring and working on not only the national but international projects too.

Web Development services in Amritsar

We are quite delighted to be tagged as one of the few companies who provide the best web development services in Amritsar, in reference to the client requirements at really competitive prices. We are engaged in providing the best web solutions to all small, large or medium businesses. Not only this, but we also consider the freshness of the site that our client is looking for in his portal. Thereupon, we at Techies Infotech have completed hundreds of projects successfully, making our clients contented with the results delivered.

How we stand out from the crowd?

Our mission at Techies is to promote and place Amritsar digitally on the IT landscape of India. Thereupon, our approach towards dealing with any project is also unique. We address your business requirements efficiently and deeply to keep up with our brand tag as the best IT company in India.

To begin with, we take the consumer/market insight into consideration, so as to create a unique business strategy that aids you in distinguishing your offering from that of your competitors. As well as offering digital marketing services, we also providevideo production services in Amritsar for our clients, to showcase their portfolio or patients testimonials. Because of our dedicated and skilled video editors and shooting experts, we stand as the best video production company in Amritsar. Furthermore, we employ such technologies that allow our clients to develop brand equity and business value globally. Deployment of the following techniques aids us in striving for business growth and brand value generation.

  • Insight: We employ research, analytics, and creativity to obtain a cleat and intense knowledge of unfulfilled needs and opportunities concerned with the brands, customers or markets, to establish certain worth for businesses.
  • Strategy: As we all know, brands are the living assets for any business. We establish a strategic and innovative substructure for the future by clearly outlining their purpose, identity, and role. This begets identification, uniqueness, loyal clientele and value for the business.
  • Technology: With the help of strategic plotting, technology platforms, and internal actions, we put forth the brand experience in the market and intensify capabilities such as brand management and internal marketing.

How have we placed Amritsar on the IT Map of India

We at Techies Infotech, aim towards lending you a digital voice that helps you get noticed. Carrying this mission throughout our journey and maintaining the same for now and for the future, we have delivered various successful IT projects. Every project had a different intricacy which made our professionals even more proficient in their skills. Besides dispensing unique web solutions, our expertise in digital marketing has too helped the people of Amritsar and even Punjab to reach a wider mass and evolve as a successful company.

Our specialization in web designing and development, search engine optimization and web marketing, e-commerce, multimedia solutions, content writing, graphics and logo designing, has helped us achieve the tag of the best IT company in Amritsar. However, our web solutions evolve with the upcoming modifications in the industry which have made our clients stay abreast of the marketing trends. Not only this, but our team is also competent in Google Adwords, PPC, Google Analytics and other such expertise that are only deemed to get you the best results for your business.

Besides this, Techies Infotech has too taken an initiative to help Amritsar’s youth excel collectively in the digital industry. Being an active member of the Amritsar Founders Association, we believe in enabling the youth of the city to seize the right opportunity, right here in their own city and strive hard to make it large. This association is the biggest step towards the digitalization of the city on the map of India by engaging the right brains on the right track. We at Techies Infotech ensure that we build brand equity sincerely. Above all, we are proud to serve the nation digitally with the help of our dedicated team of technology and marketing consultants.

Anurag Byala

I'm customer-focused business leader, I always find pleasure in bringing forth disruptive tech solutions and serving them to clients. With a prime focus on the eCommerce industry in the GCC region, I always look forward to enabling my team of tech experts, our customers, and the customers’ customers to stay on top of the heap by leveraging the evolution of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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