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June 17, 2019

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7 Hacks to Increase Traffic on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages play a vital role in any business in generating awareness and displaying their products or services. Although people invest ample amount of time and money in landing pages, yet they could not yield the substantial traffic or leads.However, the exceptionally great landing pages can also be disregarded, if not optimized timely by SEO Specialists and properly to be displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

As a matter of fact, if you have a budding business, the probability is that you might experience a successful time, but every penny and minute you spent, should carry some worth. Consequently, the question is how to generate brand awareness while following your budget constraints and also save on some time that can be invested somewhere else. To be the best SEO Company in India or to be the best SEO Service provider in India, traffic is required on your web pages. Below runs the list of 7 hacks to increase traffic on your landing pages:

1. Get your brand/business listed in the online directories and review sites

This is a quite easy, yet effective strategy. To be the best SEO agency in India, all SEO specialists have to do is to get the business listed on famous and relevant platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and so on. Although, a number of people think it is not that important, according to the research, 91% of people consistently or frequently check for the online reviews, whereas 84% also bank upon the reviews as much as any personal recommendation. Since the buyer’s remorse is for real, so by providing reviews via various online platforms helps in building the credibility and also simplifies the decision-making process for the potential customers.

2. Enhance your social media presence

These days, people search for company reviews not only on Google or Bing, but they also surf social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As per the ongoing trend, the customers make the purchases from the brands or companies that are transparent, relatable and active on social media. This implies that to be the best SEO Company in India, stay active on social media through regular posts, valuable content keeps your audience engaged and also helps them choose the best.

3. Re-evaluate your keyword strategy

Keeping a consistent tab on the keyword strategy is a must to increase the traffic on the landing pages. For instance, if you own a beauty salon then consider “beauty salon” or “beauty service” as a primary keyword for SEO. You can also begin your keyword research with Google Trends. Once you have entered your desired keyword i.e. “beauty salon” in the search bar, you can download the CSV list of related queries. Once the keyword list is curated, you should start infusing them in your headers and footers, content body and tags.

4. Optimize your website

Is your website responsive and optimized for mobile phones? Even today a number of people use low-speed internet connectivity on their phones, and in congested areas, your internet speed can drop substantially. However, last year Google laid hands on the “Speed Update” to give faster loading mobile sites a better SEO rank. So, do not allow slow mobile speed to be your failure.

It has also been seen that simple sites are often smaller, fast-loading and also offer a better user experience. Minimalistic, flat and pageless designs are the easiest of all the ways to speed up the websites and ultimately increase the traffic on your landing page.

5. Start Blogging

These days, blogging is considered great for any business to portray theirs though leadership and yield credibility. It lends an online presence that can further help in engaging the audience searching for solutions to a specific query or problem. Draft your blogs and infuse the keywords at appropriate places such as your header, body content, and tags. Always remember the more the better, but be cautious of not spamming your blog due to overstuffing of keywords.

6. Backlinking at its best

As we all know the importance of backlinks in SEO. According to Google, backlink still leads in the list of factors that determine the search rank. But that does not mean that you can make up with any link. This is how the current working of the backlinking is. It has often been seen that the low-quality links can be misinterpreted for potential spams, which results in degrading your website. Only the high-quality backlinks that have been procured through great content are those that are extremely effective in elevating your website’s ranking.

7. Targeting Local Searches

Almost half the searches are considered to be made by the people who make local searches on their respective devices. Some of the high-end ones are – local addresses, shops, and contact numbers. So, in case you want to stay profitable, you should not overlook the local SEO. This also means creating and optimizing local landing pages. As per the SEO experts’ SEO stats, 72% of the people who search for local businesses, in real end up visiting the stores within a five-mile radius. Thereupon, neglecting local SEO is like putting so much at stake.

Bottom Line

Techies Infotech is offering SEO services in India. Since we at Techies Infotech have one of the best SEO professionals in India, understand how important it is to stay abreast of your business’s specific SEO trends to keep the sales flowing. Therefore we have been serving India as one of the best SEO companies, for a long time now. With the advancing time, we have also realized that although optimizing SEO takes time, but is well worth it for the companies’ ranks’ elevation.

From social media posts, writing blogs to appropriate placement of keywords, we consider every minute details to help to increase the traffic on your landing page. Above mentioned are just a few important steps to be considered, whereas there is a huge list of such steps to optimize your site through amazing and effective SEO hacks. Get in touch and we’ll assist you better with the upcoming SEO trends.

Sahil Sahotra

I'm a seasoned Digital Project Manager with a flair for crafting innovative business funnels. With over 5 years of expertise in both project management and digital marketing, I excel in devising strategies that fuel company growth and enhance visibility. Having successfully managed and delivered projects for over 100 clients across various industries, my strategic prowess and project management skills are unparalleled. My commitment to excellence and keen eye for detail make me a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape.

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