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February 18, 2020

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The business world is continuously changing and has shifted so much in the past few years to the extent that it’s less essential than ever before to have a physical working space. It is possible to create a successful brand with a pool of talent that is spread internationally, thanks to how the gig economy has modified the way business is done.

While considering digital marketing services, you have several choices, and you need to work on the one that is most appropriate for your digital marketing requirements.

One of the most vital pieces to developing a successful business is making sure that you have a long-term and strong marketing approach. Who you choose to build your marketing strategy will make all the difference. You can go for a digital agency or a freelance marketer or an in-house team.

As we know, each project is different, and there’s no single point to answer, which is the most suitable option to hire – freelancers or digital marketing firms or in-house teams. Here we have evaluated some factors on which you can make your decision.


The costs are an essential factor in this decision. In the long run, your organization needs to be profitable. However, the cheapest solution is not always acceptable.

    • Agency

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you’ll be paying per project or month. Usually, they work on a contract basis, and they cost quite well than a freelancer but less than an in-house team in the long-run. Despite the fact that a company’s hourly rate would be higher than your full-time employee, you won’t be needing to pay for extra costs, taxes, benefits, or have to go for the other costs associated with full-time groups.

    • In-House

From several aspects, having an in-house team sounds quite attractive. That all sounds good until you have to consider the costs and the substantial budget that you need for a marketing team. Recruiting full-time top-tier marketing professionals will be tough because you need to be offering very competitive salaries and facilities.

When you’re hiring an in-house team, you also have to consider the turnover cost where a team member leaves after you’ve spent time and money training them and paying their salaries.

    • Freelancers

Freelancers are usually well-rounded experts. It is perfect hiring a freelancer is far less expensive than hiring an in-house team or a digital marketing agency. When hiring an in-house team, you are not only ready to pay the salary, but you also have to pay for any training required and other additional facilities. Then there is always a risk that they leave you after some time for a better opportunity. If your company doesn’t have a handsome budget, then you should go for a freelancer.

Capabilities and Expertise

Capabilities and expertise are also important factors for your decision.

    • Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is great if you’re looking for all types of services ready for you to grab at the same time. You pay a fixed amount and get precisely what you need. The company’s employees are often highly regarded, and agencies also tend to attract subpar execution brilliance, with highly skilled professionals tending to prefer to freelance or working in the right operational role.

    • In-House

Due to technology evolving at full tilt, having all the expertise you might need in the same place is becoming more and more unlikely. If you’re looking to improve your services, for example, it’s better for you to hire a social media specialist, PPC specialist, an SEO specialist….etc, instead of just one marketing team with fewer resources.

    • Freelancer

Just like a company, freelancers work with different customers who bring them an exceptional insight of varying business structures and industries. If the freelancer you are working with specializes in content writing, this means that they have worked with some different brands in the specific areas of content writing.

Control and Management

In addition to figuring out how much cost you want to spend on your new marketing solution, you will also have to discuss the control and management of the expertise that varies depending on your decision.

    • Agency

In the case of an agency, it is quite literally the agency’s responsibility to manage, plan, set goals, deadlines, make objectives, define standards, take care of the team and expect any possible glitches.

Another benefit is the fact that digital marketing companies in India also deal with any further maintenance in regards to your project. For example, they will take care of future errors or any needed updates.

    • In-House

Managing a whole team is not easy, and it’s a costly option on a tight budget. It will also require your continuous involvement to get work done.

    • Freelancer

Independence is the norm for freelancers, and you won’t need to spend much time invested in the project, training them from scratch or overlooking their every step. They would be a great choice if you do not want to be involved in the nooks and crannies of your project and are only focused on excellent results.


Being flexible in the digital world is a huge benefit and can set yourself apart from passive competitors.

    • Agency and In-House

Both agencies and in-house employees have the same graph of flexibility. In the end, they are both full-time employees with less flexibility when it comes to when and how they can perform and the expertise they have.

    • Freelancer

A freelancer works remotely, so they can quickly adapt to your schedule and routine. They can provide fast updates and fixes to your marketing campaigns. Since you are working with only one person, there is no corporate administration to cope with.

A recent study shows that 53 million Americans – almost 34 percent of the workforce – are now performing as freelancers, and it is their prime or supplemental source of income. In 2020, 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is expected to become freelancers.

Quality of Results

Quality of work is the key factor to consider. Collaborating with employees who serve high-quality work is essential.

    • Agency

Hiring a professional digital marketing company can be expensive. Still, you also get a good value for your cost in terms of quality of outcomes. Agencies make every possible effort to successfully launch a project and provide excellent quality work – even if it comes at a price.

    • In-House

You can also hire a full-time employee who will give you exceptional results after some training sessions. The problem, however, is while there might be trained employees out there, they might not care too much about submitting exceptional outcomes because their work status often does not directly depend on the quality of the results.

    • Freelancer

Freelancers are their bosses. They work on their projects, manage their clients, and strive to turn in their very best every time. Their performance directly depends on client reviews and relationships, and to maintain that, they work hard to keep the client satisfied with extraordinary results.

Legal Security

Finding new experts for your digital marketing company or team is already enough work. There shouldn’t be any legal issues that might slow down the process or even affect your business. Therefore, it is all the more essential to deal with legal security.

    • Agency

Companies are legal entities. Despite the fact that they provide “stable” cooperation, the procedure is usually tricky with cumbersome contracts and significant commitment.

    • In-House

When you hire a full-time employee, you have to take care of the legal aspects of their employment. You have to pay bills, benefits, paid leave, facilities, health insurance, and much more, and the legal aspect of hiring new talent can be difficult and tiresome.

    • Freelancer

Freelancers are free birds or private individuals and are the easiest when it comes to legal problems. You have no province to pay additional taxes, and you don’t have to go through lengthy, restricted contracts.

Who Should You Choose?

In short, every option provides a different section of the digital marketing industry. It can offer value when selected by the right digital marketing agencies in India.

To select who you should hire for your digital marketing services in India, you need to think about your company’s objectives, model and team of persons to choose for yourself if you want to make a massive investment into the digital field where you could principally vet, find and hire a digital marketing company that already has all those services ready for you.

Why choose Techies Infotech – the Best Digital Marketing Company in India?

Techies Infotech provides effective digital marketing services in India that reap the desired results for business owners. We are big thinkers with a passion for making beautifully crafted digital experiences. Our team of highly skilled professionals believes that as a top-notch digital marketing company from India to overseas, it is our prime responsibility to do something special. Have some trust in us, and we will shift the trajectory of your business towards more success.

Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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