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June 1, 2021

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World today has become compact enough to fit in few taps of screens and a few clicks of the mouse. The technological advancements have now made the other end of the world close to our window panes. Just a few words and BAM! we are on another horizon.

In this steadily shrinking world, it is now much more essential to stay on the top. Else the time won’t be far when you are crushed beneath the top going hoard. Preceding the desktop clicks, mobile phone taps have now taken a crucial position on search engines.

Google now prioritizes the mobile clicks for search engine optimization as these have increased on a long go.

For local businesses, each mobile click takes them a step ahead to get on the top of local search engines. Who doesn’t want to be the first one to be looked on google? Who doesn’t want his/her business to be visited by a hoard of mass? I guess everyone would.

So, what to wait for! Let’s look on to what takes to be on the first of local search results. Have a read to it and let’s get what we want.

View the Reviews

Reviews matter a ton in businesses. They not only provide feedback but also generate the SEO favorability of the business. When surveyed people to if they relied on online and offline reviews, the extrapolations came out to be at around 80%. There is a list of ways to get the reviews. You can get a system from scratch, buy review and reputation management software suites, you can also seek aid from online review management services.



Keep it in mind! You need to get genuine reviews on at least 2 web platforms viz. Facebook and Google My Business. On Facebook, because it is always in the talks. Businesses have been through a long run on this Social Media Platform. And Google My Business because indirectly google monitors your business growth through this platform. This means that getting good reviews and rankings on these would gradually increase your local search ranking.

So, what are you waiting for? Ask your customers to give sweet feedback for you on the internet too.

Google me up on Google My Business

Google My business has to be given the credit for being the basic necessity to take the business to online heights. Still, it’s the matter of sadness that many people do not understand its worth and ruthlessly fail in front of their aspirations. The pack you get to see on the top of the local search is basically driven from Google My Business only.

Google actually takes you through the whole process of digital placing and ranking. Google isn’t wholly digital. There is a physical process too. To verify your business, Google sends a code to you by post which you have to enter online to complete the process.


You need to optimize your listing far better than you are thinking of. Your listing also depends upon your place of business, the competitors along and the strategies they are using. So ensure to be with the best strategies if you want to win this game.

Direct yourself to other online listings and directories

Efforts are never ending and there is always room for improvement. Google my business is an online directory. Similar is Bing for Business. There are many such online directories which may vary from place to place and type of business you are into. The better you get into listings of these directories, better are the chances to rank up in local SEO. The best way to find the appropriate directory is to simply search for the relevant product on Google or Bing; it would itself show the appropriations.



Keep in mind to always remain consistent with the information on all the directories. Master the Google and Bing information and add same information to other directories. It is suggested to keep the Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) same in all the directories. If any changes required be, keep a track on all the directories and bring the same changes.

Mark your words with Structured Data Markup

When it comes to getting higher Search Engine Results Positions, Google always recommends editing your content according to Structured Data Markup. stands to be the best example of Structured Data Markup. Schema works to make information easier for google bot to understand. The more it understands, the more it finds easier to publish on web searches. Hence, results from schema always tend to be preferred by Google.


As writing such codes is no easy task for a layman, Google provides several tools to ease up the work. It offers a tool to check structured data to hunt for any errors. This may help businesses to get their work published without any flaws. It even avails a tool which makes the coding easier with the assistance of a bot.

Tag yourselves to Title Tags, Meta Tags, and NAPWs


With all the hullabaloos of SEO and keywords, many of you would have forgotten the basic thing. ‘THE TAGS!’ What’s the fun of buying a car which you don’t even know how to drive? Similar is the situation with our tags. There is no fun of using keywords if you do not have satisfying tags.

Titles and Meta Descriptions are good advertising agents for your website. These not only tell what the company is about but also tells about the page we are looking at. Hence, it is necessary to stuff these contents with good tags to gear up the search rank.



Name, Address, Phone Number and Website (NAPW) are essential pillars of a website and business. You should tie a knot in your mind to always remain consistent with this information. These are even more important than Tags for being the top negative rating factor for local SEO. Most people do not understand the importance of keeping NAPW consistent over various online platforms and end up being blurred on the search engines.

Techies Infotech in Australia offers best services in making your business clearly visible on local search results. Being one of the most experienced digital marketing agency in Melbourne, it has a wonderful experience of what it takes to be on the top and understands that if something doesn’t appear on the first page, it doesn’t exist at all.

So, grab your phone and contact us, put on your boots and visit us or simply plug into web and log on to us. We shall find a delight to help you.

Sahil Sahotra

I'm a seasoned Digital Project Manager with a flair for crafting innovative business funnels. With over 5 years of expertise in both project management and digital marketing, I excel in devising strategies that fuel company growth and enhance visibility. Having successfully managed and delivered projects for over 100 clients across various industries, my strategic prowess and project management skills are unparalleled. My commitment to excellence and keen eye for detail make me a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape.

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