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August 28, 2020

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What are featured snippets?

Snippets are used to display the summary of a web page, which is ultimately shown at the top of a SERP. It typically includes an image, source page title, and source page URL. It is shown at the “position zero” – below the ads and above the search results. They instantly grab the attention of the viewers and therefore help in increasing the website traffic. The reports say that there is a 10% increase in website traffic and a 6% surge in click-through rates.

Types of Featured Snippets

  • Paragraph featured snippets

82% of the snippets fall under this category, and for this, Google uses text from the source page to answer the queries of people immediately. The website might have detailed information about the question being asked, but the snippet will use a portion of it and respond quickly. Paragraph snippets are best for the following types of questions:

  • Comparisons (X vs Y)
  • Who is…….
  • What is …..
  • Why is…….
  • How is …….

Since it will be a short answer, it should be between 40-50 words. For better optimization, include the question as a heading and answer it directly.

  • List featured snippets – Bulleted and Numbered Featured Snippets

It is usually implemented in two ways: numbers and bullets. If you want to explain the process of something like recipes and DIY, then numbered featured snippets are used. If the content has something in which the order doesn’t matter, you can use bulleted featured snippets.

If the list is quite long and doesn’t fit into the snippet, then an option “More Items” will be added at the bottom. This option is quite helpful as it will indicate to the viewer that there is much to read, and thus click-through-rate increases. The optimization process includes the same process, i.e., including the heading and answering the questions in 40-50 words.

  • Table featured snippets

If you want to show collections of data, you can show it in the form of a table. Though Google will do it automatically for you, you should make the table yourself. This will help Google to find the data easily.

  • Video featured snippets

Google has been placing a relevant video for “How to” searches to best answer the question. Google allows 90-seconds clip suggestions in the blue bar in the image above. You must organize the content in a step-by-step format and upload the script for the video’s closed captions. In the description of the video, try to include long-tail keywords.

  • The carousel snippet

Through Carousel featured snippets, Google will automatically suggest the keywords related to your website niche and topics which a user might be searching. It appears in the form of a bubble at the top of the snippet. Clicking any one of those bubbles will display the featured snippet. If your articles have deeply answered any question in an ordered way, there are high chances that your content will be featured under the carousel snippet.

  • The double featured snippet

Two instead of one! – Yes, you heard it right! Google will display two featured snippets instead of one. It happens when one single featured snippet is not able to satisfy the viewer who is searching for a particular query. Thus, you have the double chance of being featured.

  • The two-for-one featured snippet

Sometime Google will combine the content from multiple websites to answer a query. The image also will be from some other source

Optimization techniques

  • Starting with proper old keyword research

Studies suggest that most of the featured snippets contain long-tail keywords. The more the number of words typed into the search box, the more the probability of a featured snippet. It’s always good to include the keywords while answering the questions as well! While performing the keyword research for the featured pieces, always start the question type with “what,” “why,” “how,” etc.

  • Browse Google for more questions

If you head towards Google’s own “People also ask” section, you will get a hint on what type of questions people generally ask. So, you can make the snippets for them too!

  • Aim at answering questions concisely.

Google has started paying attention to long-form content, divided further into logical subsections using eye-grabbing images. Writing long articles will help you answer multiple questions. The only requirement would be to include questions as subheadings in the article. This will surely help in higher retention as snippets make the content structured and easier to read.

  • Be factual and organize well.

The algorithm followed by Google to rank the pages considers the numbers, steps, and lists the most. If your content is unorganized, there are high chances that you won’t get the desired results. Getting more factual in the blogs, mainly in the introduction paragraph, can prove to be quite helpful.

Comparison charts and lists are the easiest way of getting featured on Google as it’s the best example of structured content. To answer a query, Google would prefer to pick up a table from another source rather than the same information provided in the paragraph form.

  • Use eye-catching images

Paragraph featured snippets combined with high-quality and eye-grabbing images is the best combination. If there are no images in your blog, Google will pick up any other image from the web. So try to annotate the pictures well and use a good number of pictures in your blog. It would help if you also considered updating and re-uploading the photos as well.

  • Add the Q&A page to your website.

If you are offering any product or service, the Q&A page is the best option for featured snippets. While creating the Q&A page, try to include more facts and figures. Give answers in short paragraphs, and keep it straightforward.

Tools used by us to find featured snippet opportunities

  • SEMRush

SEMRush can easily track and monitor featured snippets and provides tips to well-position the content on-page. Through analytics, you can well know which featured snippets are getting more clicks, and you can further optimize them. You can also find the featured snippets of your competitors and make the changes in your content accordingly.

  • Answer The Public

This is a free tool that will help you find the questions being asked by the people related to your favorite topic. Using this tool, you can include those questions in your blogs and Q&A page.

  • Ahrefs

This tool has special features for ranking the snippets. Under the SERP features, you will find the option of “featured snippets” under which you can perform various actions. It has a rank tracker along with the option of adding new keywords. You can also have a look on the featured snippets of your competitors and find out which keywords have been used!


Featured snippets have become an integral part of the SEO strategy. Using structured content and eye-catching images is the only way of getting featured on Google. The tools will help you find the structure followed by your competitors. Through analytics, you can optimize your blogs. Adding the Q&A page is the easiest way to get featured snippets.

Techies Infotech has been providing the best SEO and digital marketing services. We use the most trending tools for optimizing featured snippets. Our content writing team makes sure that the blogs are well structured and get the most clicks by stuffing the keywords in the content. Contact us immediately, and we will provide the best SEO services to you!

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