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May 24, 2021

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There are a number of businesses or brands that commit the repeated mistakes of overlooking the usability of their website. However, as a matter of fact, usability is considered to be one of the most important factors in the success of any website. It is believed that a website with great user-interface is deemed to drive sales and revenue for any business.

A website is not only supposed to be good in the outlook but also offer a seamless experience to its visitors. This is the reason why usability is an inevitable part of any web design.

This implies that great web design is the one that makes it easier for visitors to locate the required information hassle-free.

Although there are numerous characteristics of good web design, below runs the list of the best 7 key principles that make a web design look good.

So without any further ado, let’s surf through these top traits of a user-friendly website.

Key Principles that make a Web Design look good

Compatible with Mobile Phone

Since a major number of people employ their mobile phones to access the internet, designing a responsive website that is mobile optimized has become a necessary aspect of any website design.

The foremost step is to check the appearance of your website on a mobile phone. You can put Google mobile site tester to use, to figure this out.

In case your website cannot be accessed on mobile, you should strive for designing a mobile version of it. You can also hire a professional web designing company for this task.

Well Thought Out Information Architecture

Proper organization and display of any information on a website are accounted for one of the best traits of a user-friendly website. Nevertheless, it is always overlooked.

However, in today’s scenario where a website offers a wide range of information and resources, this aspect has become even more important to be considered.

Planning, categorizing and careful presentation of information simplifies It for the visitors to locate the desired information. The key to lay your hands on this trait is by designing your website from the perspective of your users.

Furthermore, this should be an essential characteristic of your website if your company has ample information to offer.

Speedy Loading

A website that takes a long to load, is much more annoying for any website visitor. In actual, slow speed is looked upon as a major drawback for any website. Ensuring that your website loads within 4-6 seconds is essential for any user-friendly website. Moreover, it also affects your SERP ranking.

Slow loading speed is one of the major reasons why visitors leave a website. Since the users’ expectations have transformed over the years, a typical customer will spare only a couple of seconds for the page to load.

If not loaded in time, it is most likely that the visitor will navigate away to the competitor’s site leaving a negative impression on them on behalf of the former website. Thereupon, a website with fast loading is taken to be an essential trait of a web design that visitors like.

Browser Consistency

Browser compatibility is something which is frequently neglected by many companies. There are a number of companies who face this issue due to ignorance. This further is taken to be bad for the company’s profile as it conveys a negative impact on the usability of the website.

Even though modern browsers have emerged and become more efficient, there are certain discrepancies that pertain as to how the website interpretation by various browsers.

It is highly important to make sure that the web site’s appearance and behavior should be consistent across all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on. These simple things make up for the best user experience with regard to the website.

Contrasting Color Schemes

Although this may sound basic, keeping the right colour contrasts in a website is an important feature of any good web design. Thereupon, it should not be ignored.

The perfect contrast between the background and text colour of the website is a must. For instance, black text displayed on a white background makes the content readable and appealing.

Whereas, lack of contrast, makes it illegible for the visitor, which again is not healthy for the success of a website.

Right Error Handling

Handling the errors and on-screen descriptive messages efficiently are highly important for a good impact on the user of the website. But again, unfortunately mostly it is neglected. Correct handling of errors at the backend coding guarantees the robustness and rigorousness of the website.

With the right display of the error messages, comes the improved user experience and overall usability of the website.

Valid Mark-up and Clean Code

A website that effectively takes the notice of the relevant web design, best practices and standards are often considered more persistent and reliable.

It also ascertains the speedy loading and consistency in appearance across all browsers and devices. Moreover, it also helps in easy location of problems and troubleshoots if needed.


Since web design is the fundamental aspect of any website’s success, we at Techies Infotech ensure you to deliver them utmost proficiency. A user-friendly yet professional website is deemed to offer a seamless experience to the visitors and also enhance the probability of success.

Mohit Kumar

I am a highly skilled and experienced UI/UX designer, front-end web developer, and project manager with vast years of experience in the tech industry. I have a proven track record of success in designing and developing user-friendly and visually appealing websites and applications. I am also an excellent project manager with a strong ability to manage and deliver projects on time and within budget.

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