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April 28, 2020

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Amongst all of the worries, problems, and uncertainty in the world at the moment with COVID-19, you will be beginning to ensure that your trade or business is ready for the challenges ahead.

We already experience a behavioral shift, with persons avoiding not only work, but hotels, restaurants, stores, and other public sectors where they might spend money. With users staying indoors–and presumably online–digital marketing may well be a business’s best option during coronavirus.


Why digital marketing?

The advertising market is a world of its own, and we all understand that marketing prices need to be optimized in the current situation so that maximum gain is obtained at minimal costs. Digital Marketing is the best way to receive exceptional results at optimized costs than marketing on online channels.

According to some studies, 94 percent of the FORTUNE 1000 bands are already facing breakdown due to COVID-19, and digital is the only answer. According to, visits to sites, online platforms, and apps increased by 61% in 2020 compared to last year.

Build a profoundly impacting digital asset now

The first and foremost step to combine your digital marketing activities is to have an exceptional digital asset that’s eye-popping and engaging for your consumers. More consumers know your brand online, more consumers recall it and hence buy from your site.

A full-fledged web asset means it can be a significant platform of all your digital activities. Otherwise, you have a webpage like the thousands of thousands out there with merely no advancement.

Experts say that, on average, users are spending 1–2 hours more online during COVID-19. This is an excellent time to develop the asset and start popularizing the brand so that it can get business-enough traction by the time the current situation becomes normal.

Create a digital business model

With the help of an online asset, now you have to digitize your customer interactions so that they can engage, navigate, and communicate better online. Start your brand’s online business potential. Even if you don’t have it right now, build one, and create a new medium to generate revenues online.

So, these schemes will not only make inexpensive online revenue channels but also expand the reach of businesses that were traditionally seen as local.

Use social media marketing to convince people to comply with social distancing

Medical practitioners and other concerned healthcare experts can share data with friends and family members on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. Also, don’t forget you can send messages, emails to friends and family as well.

If you are a professional healthcare marketer, you have great potential to educate your society through scale about social distancing. Your first step will be to convince your medical centre or practice leadership that your company not only can, but should, take a leadership role during this pandemic crisis, and “join the fight.”

The US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, understands the importance of social media to help get data out about the COVID-19 crisis. He was recently asked during a Good Morning America interview how to get younger people of America to take the coronavirus crisis seriously.

Utilize digital platforms to inform your patient base with essential information and advice

Beyond spreading awareness among the wider community, you should guide and inform your patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Beyond the fact that it is the best thing to do, your essential information will enhance your authority and your relationship with your patients at a time when they need it most.

In addition to some of the points we’ve already mentioned above, you can utilize social media and HIPAA compliant email to help guide patients with additional suggestions, such as how to:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Deal with problem and stay positive
  • Cope with stress or sleeplessness
  • Protect their family members
  • Pass the time
  • Care for and speak to small children at home
  • General information and stats as they become available

Impact of COVID19 on the eCommerce industry

    • Hygiene items became the most significant selling items online

      The eCommerce industry has witnessed a spurt in pharmaceutical items purchases due to the coronavirus crisis. With the closure of offline stores, shops, and malls, consumers have turned to online stores to get what is now known as virus protection gear. This includes items like masks, gloves, and daily use of hygiene products like sprays, sanitizers, etc.

    • Spurt in online medicine purchases

      Similarly, the purchases of medicines have increased rapidly post the outbreak. Consumers are generally looking for medications for cold, cough, and fever, as expected, due to the virus’s fears. Online purchases of medications have enhanced by at least 198% over the period. Online stores selling pharmaceutical items had a run for money during this period.

    • Sale of online groceries picked up

      Online grocery purchases, too, have enhanced during this crisis. It is not shocking to see consumers ordering online to fill their home kitchen or pantry to meet the worst-case scenario. Non-perishable grocery items have seen an increment of 69% in their sales. In contrast, shelf-stable things like rice, oatmeal, and pasta sales increased by 58%.

    • Weak user sentiment has dampened demand

      As authorities grapple with the onslaught of the crisis, economies are battered by the closure of industry and the stoppage of production by the wide-scale lockdown. It is not shocking then to see user sentiment turning disappointed.

    • Supply disruptions have affected items’ availability

      Production and supply of items have taken a hit amid fears of the spread of this disease. Industry production has entirely stopped. Distribution channels are busy in supplying the necessary items.

      And, authorities have stopped movements. How can eCommerce stores under such circumstances source users’ demands? It is natural as a result that eCommerce stores, too, are closing.

Impact of COVID-19 on local businesses

The COVID-19 crisis remains a health and humanitarian concern, but the local business impact on various companies is now profound.

As authorities make important interventions in response to this crisis, local businesses are quickly adjusting to the changing needs of their consumers and suppliers, while navigating the financial and operational queries.

With every local industry, function and geography affected, the amount of potential change to think through can be difficult.

Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare industry

The crisis has stretched the healthcare industry of even the most developed nations, and is expected to cause economic problems unparalleled in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic is harming health systems internationally.

The fast increasing demand on healthcare facilities and workers threatens to leave the health industry overstretched and unable to operate efficiently and effectively.

Impact of COVID-19 on pharma industry

CoronaVirus (Covid-19) has almost impacted every industry, causing damage to the overseas market. The pharma industry is no exception. Let us understand the impact on the pharma industry.

      • Cost of drugs and raw materials

        The impact Covid-19 has created in China and the lockdown in India, USA, and other nations, further enhances the chances of shoot up in the price of raw materials and drugs.

        13% of the brand and generic manufacturers are based out of China and according to the FDA, as of 2018, 24% of medications and 31% of medical elements were imported from India.

      • Supply chain

        According to a recent survey, emergency care, anesthesia care, and pain management medicines mostly get affected due to shortage.

        The crisis might cause a shortage and increase in demands of some medicines such as Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine, which are most needed during these pandemic times.

      • Real World Data

        New drug development is estimated to cost $2.6 billion which is 1 billion in 2013. On top of the cost involved, the time taken for development & clinical trials, might bring in more focus towards RWD.

        Around 95% of the organizations are using RWD or will be utilizing it by 2021. Data accessibility and security problems are a few of the challenges in utilizing RWD, but it can be sorted out and will get more popularity as organizations and the health industry from here on might look to bring in innovative measures in clinical trials.

Impact of COVID-19 on food & restaurant business

According to data from the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI), the Indian food and restaurant market directly employs close to 7.3 million people.

Restaurateurs across the different nations are suffering the effects of the crisis on their business and their health. Some have been getting diverse attacks in the middle of the night. Most fear that if this problem doesn’t abate soon, they will not be able to pay out salaries for the month of April and May. This thing will provide a ripple effect down the chain.

How is Team Techies helping businesses during COVID-19?

Following lockdown orders, Techies Infotech, the best digital marketing company in India, is performing operations on a cloud platform connecting all our team experts and clients seamlessly.

Working remotely from our homes, we are focusing on productive efforts to keep you updated. Whether it is our programmers, content writers, SEO experts, developers, or designers or the front end staff, we are working exceptionally and in tandem, making sure we deliver services just like normal days.

To bring the whole team on a single page, we are regularly organizing virtual meetings, discussing the progress, the productivity of the work, and mapping the future course of action.

Realizing the fact that the COVID crisis has created a lot of troubles and confusion and you may have many queries about our mode of functioning, we want to assure you that our team of best digital marketers is here for you all the time.


Build a digital presence without paying extra on advertisements

Running a lead ad on social media platforms and Google ads aren’t the only ways to gain businesses online. There is a whole new world called organic that doesn’t need any extra amount but only smart plans. This is exceptionally best for your post-COVID-19 digital marketing phase.

First of all, optimize your site with the top essential keywords, research some of the most popular domains that publish content relevant to your market and push blogs, articles there, do third party forum posting, put rich content on PR websites and generate backlinks.

Start the same with no time because many of your rivalries are sitting idle discussing on balance sheets. By the time the COVID-19 phase stabilizes, perform these activities, and gain fast rankings.


Closing Comments

While these are incredibly tough times for every person in the nation, smart social media and digital marketing services can still influence patients in a positive, profound way. It’s very essential to approach your marketing plan with some sensitivity. Sure, you could face fear at key touchpoints to make a few more revenues.
However, that kind of approach leads to reputational damage you’ll be cleaning up years after this pandemic has run its course.


Why choose Techies Infotech?

The more intuitive your tools, the faster you can get exceptional results and learn what’s right and what isn’t. Don’t invest in complex solutions that make you dependent on IT expertise.

Techies Infotech, the best digital marketing company in India, provides intuitive and streamlined workflows that allow your business teams to quickly find the assets and consumer insights they need and deliver the best digital experiences during COVID-19.

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