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May 13, 2021

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Everyone in the business industry wants to generate leads online. Often businesses tend to have a solution to a problem and try to practice SEO themselves or an incompetent company, but could not get their website ranked among the top Google search results.

As everyone knows, Google keeps updating its algorithms to provide relevant search results for its end users.

Apparently, Google officially announced that it will use the E-A-T algorithm as one of the major factors to rank a website in top search results.

So, how could this algorithm affect your website ranking? Let’s dive in to learn more!

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T is an acronym of Expertise, Authority, and Trust (or page quality) – three factors that Google uses to rank the websites in its search results. Expertise, Authority, and Trust are the major factors for higher ranking and every website should leverage it, but when done precisely it can highly impact your Google search rankings.

Techies Infotech is a leading SEO company in Melbourne, constantly updating its practices to ensure higher search ranking for its clients. Often, people use their internet knowledge of SEO or hire an incompetent digital marketing company in Melbourne to achieve higher rankings and fail to get the desired results.

We, on the other hand, will help you to get RESULTS with our years of experience in the SEO industry and especially if you are operating a YMYL website.

Are you operating a YMYL website? Let’s find out.

What are the YMYL websites?

YMYL is again an acronym for Your Money, Your Life. YMYL websites are those who publish content related to medical, politics, finance, legal, eCommerce, and news falls under the YMYL category. All these categories impact human lives and could be responsible to manipulate their life decisions.

Techies Infotech Melbourne’s portfolio comprises of many YMYL sites that are benefited by our SEO services. We have successfully utilized the E-A-T concept to ameliorate their ranking and subsequently, we can do it for you!

Now this leaves us with a question that is E-A-T only effective in YMYL sites?

The answer is NO.

E-A-T is effective and essential for every website. People often practice the latest compliance for a certain period and ditch them afterward to implicate new compliances. Remember, SEO is not an overnight process, it is a long term process. However, if done by digital marketing companies like Techies Infotech in Melbourne; it can create a huge impact and generate results efficiently!

How does E-A-T affect SEO and website ranking?


Google search engine will look for a certain level of expertise in your published content. You can reflect your content as niche-savvy content by producing original and resourceful ideas.

To bring it in a context, Imagine three people working out for six months straight. One of them deems to be more fit than the other two and comes out to be an individual with adept knowledge which makes him acknowledged as an Expert.

The same scrutiny is used in the Google ranking. How you write your content impacts your search ranking and manipulates the chances of your website content to be acknowledged as expert content.

Techies Infotech uses skilled resources to ensure precise content and expertise to ensure that your website is ranked on the top of search results.


Being authoritative means the source is trusted to be accurate and reliable. There could be many sources claiming to be experts of their domain but only a few of them can reflect their authoritativeness. Authoritativeness can be proved by getting high-quality backlinks from valuable websites, getting positive feedback from Google My Business reviews, the proof of authenticity of the information or content, and many more. Google constantly looks for external sources like news, awards, certification of your website to measure the authoritative index of your website.

Additionally, users not only want to trust the expertise of these people or brands, but they also want to be sure that they’re the best person to go to, in a context similar to our workout regime example from before.

Techies Infotech is an innovative Digital Marketing and SEO company in Melbourne, we can help you to reach your goals faster. Whether it’s to grow your site engagement, converting your subscribers or to generate new leads we can help you to climb the ladder of success more efficiently.


If we can rely on a source, to be honest, and truthful then it will be manifested as a high trustworthiness website. Google measures trust by evaluating the no. of backlinks to the site, and it’s previous examples of trustworthy content. Getting your brand/website visible from a plethora of websites gives you an edge for a high trustworthiness score.

Remember, Google keeps updating its algorithms to determine the page quality. It can be hard for incompetent users to follow through the new regulations. Trust is hard to gain, but once achieved it can act as a cornerstone for your business.

Hire best SEO company in Melbourne – Techies Infotech

Get guidance from Melbourne’s one of the most successful Digital Marketing and SEO company – Techies Infotech to dominate your industry online and offline simultaneously. We can help you with services like Digital Marketing, Creative designing, Video and content production, Web and App development to take your business at the pinnacle of success.

One of our clients Frankston Peninsula Taxis saw a 25% growth in their business and a double amount of website visitors within a couple of months of the business. Moreover, we implemented the E-A-T strategy in SEO and it showed a positive trend in terms of website visits and conversion rate.

In SEO, a plethora of aspects is still unadapted by other agencies, which include rich SEO snippets, organized data, E-A-T, Vernacular content and many more!

Often, the so-called ‘experts’ fail to deliver solutions that go parallel with new technology. However, Techies Infotech- Melbourne customizes every digital marketing and SEO strategy according to the client’s business and its goals. If you’re ready to step-up your marketing game, then contact us to discuss the potential of your services after combining it with our innovative marketing strategies

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