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May 14, 2021

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While 2020 is just around the corner, the changes in web design are also following. With 2020, we should also welcome the changing trends as the web designers are coming up with new ideas.

We at Techies Infotech, offer the best web design company in Melbourne to help our clients stay abreast of every new trend in the web industry. So, to keep your website stay ahead in the league, let us help you with some web design trends of the upcoming year.

The following discussed are the new web design trends that will certainly give you clear and uncluttered websites, while being rich in content and visuals.

Web Design Trends

Dark Mode

Besides looking ultra-modern, web designs with dark mode are easy on the eyes and make colours and patterns pop. These themes are best suited for OLED screens that also help in saving power and expanding the screen’s life span. Moreover, dark themes enhance the visibility of different accentuated colours for really dynamic web designs.

Imperfect personality

The next big trend in web designs is the imperfect, hand-drawn designs that add emotion and humanity to the websites that are craved by the users after they see perfect yet impersonal graphics that predominate web designs for years.

By adding hand-drawn graphics to the website, it gains realness. Distinguished and trendy icons drawn by hands reflect your brand perfectly and help you stand apart from the crowd.

So, it’s time to use graphics with rough edges and open shapes to showcase the liveliness of your brand. The team of best web designers in Sydney at Techies Infotech is adept in adding messy-looking elements to your web designs.

Immersive 3D elements

It is a fact that 3D visuals have always fascinated the audience. And the best part is that now you can have 3D designs without NASA-tier equipment, the gateway to many designers.

Till the time virtual reality becomes a more conventional and affordable, super pragmatic 3D that is often reprising the entire screen and is the most favourable way to develop an immersive experience for your site.

It is not only beneficial for visuals but also for UX-interactive 3D designs that promote the users to stay longer on the website.

Soft shadows, layers, and floating elements

This upcoming trend adds depth to your website. With 3D effects, as discussed above, toning it down is also a requirement for some. This effect can not only be used with graphics but also with photos and text.

It also produces a lightweight effect on the designs that seems like the elements are floating above each other- a stark contrast from the typical, impervious flat design where the layers seem to be flat.

Solid Frames of wide space

Gone are the days of full-bleed layouts. Currently, web designers are inclining towards solid structures and experimenting with various ways to employ ample white space to add more structure and clean frames to your web designs.

In 2020, we will witness the wide frames of white space adding a solid framework to your web designs. This creates a perfect basis for the visual glow. Precisely structured frames encompassing your websites establish a structure and aids in focusing and segregating every part of a page.

Luminous Color Schemes

As we are advancing towards 2020, our web designers at Techies are all set to serve you with the best web designing services in Melbourne, using luminous colours to make the designs pop from the screen. Usage of neons and highly saturated colours clubbed with dark shades lends a glowing appearance to your website.

Talking about duotones, they particularly make the web designs shine like a sparkle. Although it is bold, resorting to neon and stark colours make your website look vivacious.

Get your Hands On These Web Designs 2020 with Techies Infotech

Serving as the best web designing company in Melbourne, our designers have already embraced this futuristic approach. Empowering your website with alluring visuals and colours, 3D effects, and graphics photography is the objective of our company.

So allow our team of the best web designers in Australia to lend a more modern looking web design to your site that will certainly be user-friendly with minimalistic navigation and less tiring for your visitors’ eyes with dark theme designs.

With the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Techies Infotech is here to facelift your website with the best web development services in Sydney.

Mohit Kumar

I am a highly skilled and experienced UI/UX designer, front-end web developer, and project manager with vast years of experience in the tech industry. I have a proven track record of success in designing and developing user-friendly and visually appealing websites and applications. I am also an excellent project manager with a strong ability to manage and deliver projects on time and within budget.

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