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May 7, 2020

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In the times of the 21st century, video marketing has taken up an essential place in the businesses. It is one of the most integral parts of business strategy, and indeed, it has been successful in garnering great results to the ventures.

It has been recorded that after seeing a video, customers are 65-84% more likely to buy a product. In this time of video dominance, YouTube has come out to be the second-highest search engine after the mighty Google. It has around 1.9 billion monthly users, and this is the same reason why businesses are so much attracted to YouTube.

But, the better the platform, the more complex its functionality. To ace the views and results on YouTube, you need to follow various strategies. And what would be better than joining the second best with the first best? So here, in this blog, allow us to refurbish your knowledge on how to rank youtube videos on Google.

Tip 1: Carry out keyword research

The first step of every SEO strategy is finding the right keyword to target. So, plunge into it! You need to know the right keywords to rank both on Google and YouTube. There are two methods through which you can generate quality keywords:-

  • YouTube search suggest feature

    This is, by far, one of the easiest ways of getting quality keywords. All you need to do is type a keyword in the search box. You will get a lot of recommendations for auto-completion. Well, all the suggestions you are getting are the potential keywords for your SEO strategy.

    It was easy, wasn’t it? Let’s move on to the second part.

  • Google search

    When it comes to Google, you just need to make peace with how it works, and half of your struggles are gone. Understand that Google doesn’t always rank all the videos of YouTube. There are particular keywords if used, to get listed on Google.

    Some of those words can be reviews, tutorials, how-to, fitness, sports, etc. Do you know that if your YouTube videos rank on Google as well, there are 2-5x chances of more reviews, leading to more chances of conversions?

    Make sure that the keyword you are using has the right amount of searches for it; say around 100-1k searches per month at least.


    Doing keyword research

Tip 2: Optimize video tags

Tags are one of the factors taking you to the side-bar of recommendations. So make sure that you have optimized your tags properly to get your videos in good ranks.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to optimize your tags properly. Check out:

  • Relevant to your topic

    There are many general and specific keywords. Make sure you use your keywords according to your central theme only. Use the keywords describing your video the best.

  • Add the misspellings

    Let’s face the fact that people CAN commit various typos while searching for something. Make sure you add some misspelled keywords on purpose to take up the chances of rankings.

  • Add singulars and plurals

    Along with the typos, people can also get confused between singulars and plurals. Add both in your keywords.

  • Don’t overuse the tags

    Now don’t create a whole mess with numerous and uncountable tags. Just use the relevant 10-12 tags, and that’s it!


    Applying optimized video tags:

Tip 3: Create a keyword-rich playlist

Another productive strategy for your youtube SEO strategy can be creating a keyword-rich playlist. It can increase your view time and retention. Now the question arises on how to create a keyword-rich playlist. Well, here is the solution.

First of all, it is not rocket science. All you have to do is to go through your videos and sort out the videos with the common topics. When you find all the videos with everyday issues, create a playlist for them. That’s it!

Now, if you are new to youtube and don’t have multiple videos of the same or common topic, don’t worry! You can add videos of other channels to your playlists. This way, you might get the benefits of others’ SEO strategy as well. Isn’t it clever!


Playlist for the concerned client.

Tip 4: Optimize your channel page

Your channel page is the landing page on YouTube. If it is optimized correctly, it can attract more engagement and subscribers. It can bring a direct impact on the ranking of your videos. To maximize your page, make sure that it is built professionally.

The next thing you have to make sure is that your channel page should contain the keywords you are targeting. It can bring great help to the SEO strategy.


Optimized channel page for the client.

Tip 5: Encourage users to comment

Comments are one way for YouTube to consider a video to be having a good response. Always encourage more and more comments on your videos as it can send a signal of your popularity and can help rank on both Google and Youtube.

One way you can encourage the reviews is by asking one question at the end of the video and asking them for the answer in the comments.


User comments on the client’s video

Tip 6: Length of the video

It is always suggested to make the videos of at least 2 minutes of length. The algorithm is simple. The more seconds you add to your video, the more are the chances for it to rank on both the engines. It will increase the watch time of your videos and hence increase the chances of ranking.


The optimized duration of the video.

Tip 7: Description

Make sure that you add the call to action button and link to your website in the description. These are the two most essential components of any Youtube Description. Try to write a description of at least 200 words. Use the keywords and their synonyms in the content. But yes, do not copy the content for different videos. And as I said before, do not overuse the keywords; it would be like slapping your efforts. Video transcripts, too, can be added in the description.


The optimized duration of the video.

Tip 8: Leverage social media

Social media is, by far, the best way to promote your videos. Synchronize your YouTube account with your social media, and whenever you post a video, run it through your social media accounts.
It will gain a lot of viewership.


Social Media promotion of the Youtube videos

Tip 9: Find topics with traffic potential

Look for the burning topics of the time. Before planning a video, do market research and find out what the people are watching.

Draw out a list of all the topics prevalent, try to connect the dots with your products, and then craft a video to stay in sync with the trends.


Video title optimization

The lifecycle of great YouTube marketing

Case Study

Name of the client: Vardaan Medical Centre

The Results

More than 30k views

High rankings

Closing Comments

Youtube is indeed one of the most powerful tools when it comes to video marketing. One just needs to make peace with the way things work out here. But hey! We know that you got a lot of other stuff to do. So why don’t you pass on the load to us?

Let us tell you that Techies Infotech has been the best video marketing agency in India and, with its holistic approach, has left a perineal mark on the video marketing industry.

Still, thinking about what to do? Pick up your phone and give us a ring!

Manisha Sharma

As the Creative Head and a Unity Developer at Techies Infotech FZCO, I coordinate teams, learn development, and design graphics products for various industries, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created images and layouts for multiple projects, including food, healthcare, and clothing. I have also developed creative design for print materials, banners, and signs. I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences with AR, VR, and gaming technologies.

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