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August 28, 2020

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What attracts customers the most? Content or Pictures? Visual things like pictures and videos increase sales. While content can provide the details of the product, customers will undoubtedly require to have a sight of the product which will force him to click on the “Order Now” button. When we say SEO, people start thinking about content, backlinks, keywords etc. but have you ever cared about image optimization?

Optimized images will boost organic searches and generate much better traffic sources as compared to content. So, let’s discuss image optimization and tricks to optimize product images for eCommerce.

What is image optimization (for SEO) ?

Image optimization includes the following task:

  • Choosing the right image format
  • Selecting the correct level of compression
  • Replacing animated GIFs with video for faster page loads
  • Serving responsive images
  • Serving images with exact dimensions

Capture Quality Product Photography

Can I upload low-quality images? No! If you think that just a picture is necessary, then it’s wrong. A high-quality image must be uploaded for any product. If it is blurry, small, unattractive will not motivate the visitors to click on the product link. Websites with top-notch pictures get more backlinks and earn higher rates of conversion.

Using a smartphone is allowed.

Even if you do not have a professional camera, you can still click high-quality pictures from your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones come with an influential 13 MP or even 48-MP camera. So, you can easily click the product images and optimize them. It can save you a lot of money as well!

Using a tripod for shooting

It is complicated to shoot videos or take still pictures with a camera or smartphone in your hand. So, it is better that you buy a tripod for getting top-notch pictures. If you want to record product review videos, a tripod will help you shoot videos quickly!

Artificial Light Vs Natural Light

If you want to showcase the surroundings of the product rather than it’s own intricacies, you must shoot the pictures in natural sunlight. Even if the product to be used is outside, then also prefer natural sunlight.

Artificial lighting can be done using bulbs, candles or even fire. E.g., if you want to take pictures of the makeup session, then you might require a closeup of the eyebrows along with makeup products.

Product Background

Choose between white background or a real-world dynamic background. If you can’t find a white background, bring a big bendable paper sheet which will be invisible on camera. This will help to showcase the critical details of the product, and visitors will also concentrate more on the product.

If the product is to be modelled by a person, then choose the dynamic backgrounds. Using the portrait mode, you can emphasize better on the product. Portrait mode will blur the product background such that the product context is apparent but doesn’t compete with the product.

Enhance Photos with Photo Editor

One single picture equals a thousand online sales. But you should waste your whole day waiting for a perfect click. Just choose the best and through photo editing softwares, improve it! Photo editing is quite crucial because every product picture going on the web must be original, attractive and optimized.

Flaw removal

The photo clicked by you is almost perfect, but some minor defects make it imperfect. Many photo editing tools can remove those defects and enhance the picture better. If you don’t know how to edit, you can easily watch tutorials on the internet.

Utilizing effects and colours to the best advantage

You can pop off colour. A pop of colour is a bright splash of colour that stands out against the other colours in a scene. Including a pop of colour in your image will have a powerful impact because it creates a strong focal point that instantly catches the eye. Using dominant colour (red, yellow and orange) and receding colour (blue, green and purple) combinations, you can create visual depth.

Remove the background

You must remove the background so that you can place any other product or material for promotion. It is also done if the background in the actual picture doesn’t look appealing!

Keep image size and style consistent

Just like in any task of life, product images require consistency. One can quickly boost the sales, ramp up brand image, and provide better shopping experience if there is consistency. The creative designs decided for product images must be used all across the pictures.

  • Background If you chose to use a white or dynamic background, mannequin or model, flash or zero flashes, you have to be consistent across the board
  • Size and shape You might have observed product images of different sizes on ecommerce websites that eventually don’t look cool. So, if you are comparing two products or even uploading two different pictures of the same product, they should be of the same size. It should not be that one image looks bigger and other smaller.
  • Developing consistency guidelines Background, size, colour palettes, lighting, props, product distance from the background, camera distance from the background are some of the factors that must be consistent all across the images. This will prevent you from taking re-shoots and instil a sense of belief in the customers

How to optimize product images on Search Engines – Image SEO

Just like you stuff keywords in the content or blogs for SEO Services, images must also have an appropriate filename. You can include the keywords in the picture’s description. Apart from this, you can also use the Alt tag to your image that can describe the image and present it to the readers. Alt tags are the best way to make sure that the image always pops up in the search engine results.

You must include the captions and image titles too! They are used to give context to the image and give a proper message to the audience. Make sure that images are either in PNG, JPEG, or GIF file. The file type is also an essential aspect because it affects the loading time of a page. Loading time, in turn, is vital for SEO, whether for mobile or desktop. JPEG is still considered to be the best as it compresses the image efficiently with little quality reduction while GIFs are suitable for moving images. PNGs must be used when it includes some text and line drawings.


Thus, we have observed how image optimization can affect your sales. Just uploading random images won’t fetch you anything. It does not include clicking high-quality photos but also editing them properly, which can grab the attention of the visitors. Giving proper title and description to the image is also essential, You can include the trending keywords in the description so that it is instantly seen in the google search.

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We also provide SEO services under which we generate organic leads, image optimization, increasing brand visibility, quantitative analyzing, and increasing traffic, sales, and ROI. We do website auditing, competition analysis, create SERP reports, On-page, and off-page optimization, etc.

Manisha Sharma

As the Creative Head and a Unity Developer at Techies Infotech FZCO, I coordinate teams, learn development, and design graphics products for various industries, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created images and layouts for multiple projects, including food, healthcare, and clothing. I have also developed creative design for print materials, banners, and signs. I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences with AR, VR, and gaming technologies.

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