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May 28, 2021

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Writing a spellbound Google AdWord ad is no less than a riddle; not just for naive, but for an expert as well. An advertisement should be so compelling that a person just jumps to experience an array of services after seeing just a Google ad. Recent times have witnessed the increase of taxicab companies and many of them have evolved themselves by aligning with Google and other search engines. All goes well, but the person or a company gets to a halt when it comes to writing a Google AdWord ad.

So, worry no more for we have come to end your misery and share the mystery. We have a good number of taxi companies as our worthy clients who have sought fortune with our Google AdWord skills.
Let’s get started with the blog.

Avoid Blunder, Write Phone Number

Usually, the leads you seek are in a bit of a hurry. They want something as quick as possible. So, asking them to visit your site would already be too much. Instead of that, you can simply add on your phone number in the description of your ad so that customer may reach you as quick as possible.

You can also add the call extension feature with your ad and provide another step of comfort to your worthy leads. And don’t forget, you can always add your phone number in the 35-character limited URL display field.

The Secret of Rising is displaying Exact Pricing

Many times it happens that you get a lead, it contacts you but doesn’t get converted due to pricing issues. Hence, it is better to add your pricing in the advertisement itself.

It would sieve out the quality leads, saving the time of both yours and the leads’. It would only allow those people to contact you who can afford your services.


Keep it Simple!

Where on one hand, writing fancy and artistic lines might look convincing and Shakespearean, but we now know that most of the seekers are in hurry and are not really in a mood to dive to the literary world. Hence, it is better to write a simple text wherein you mention factual points of what customer would like to know; like the pricing, categories etc. s

Why should you be chosen?

There are dozens of cab companies out there. Why should one choose you? Well, you need to be clear with the answer. Most of people prefer handing over the wheels to those who are local and are properly screened. Use the keyword ‘Local’ if you are native to that area, as it may attract more people.

If you offer your services 24*7, it is a good place to advertise that. Emergencies may arise anytime, and cabs are one of the prior needs in such situations. Mark your territory in those times as well by using the keyword ‘24*7’. 


Use your Locations as the Prior Keywords

Whenever customers look for cabs or taxis online, they tend to use their geolocation in the search. It is highly advised to use your service locations in the ads for they would be the attracting anchors for the seeking leads. Use your locations as the main keywords in headings and descriptions. These would help you set high on google searches.

The Keyword Choice

It should include the geographical area you provide service in. : Most people who are looking for a taxi are usually in a rush and directly aim for the service provider of the same locality who could be familiar with all the routes. Suppose if you are providing a taxi service in Frankston, you can use keywords like

  • Taxi in Frankston
  • Frankston Cab Service
  • Frankston taxi Service
  • Frankston cab booking, etc.

Use Zip Codes as keywords: You can even use your zip codes as your authentic keywords. Google has the power to target locations according to zip codes. Customizing google ads with their content with your zip codes may garner a great audience. Taking Frankston as the base, you can use keywords likes

  • 75763 Taxi
  • Taxi near 75763
  • Cabs in 75763
  • 75763 Taxi Service, etc.

Using 75763 zip code as one of the main keywords would help attract more audience and searchers who are searching for the cab services using the zip codes. Use Airport names as pivot keywords: most of the people search cab services for airport pickup and drop-off. Using the airport names as the keywords where you provide pickup and drop-off services can garner good results. For eg.

  • Melbourne Airport Taxi Service
  • Frankston and Peninsula Airport Shuttle Cab service
  • Cabs near Frankston Peninsula Airport, etc.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Return on Investment (ROI)

Google is nothing about ruthless charging even if your ad is not yielding good results. Google always charges according to the number of clicks. The better the PPC, the better can be the ROI. By showing your Google AdWord ads, Google would try to extract as many clicks as possible. Those clicks could prove to be worthy leads and hence can help in business growth. Google works with the pattern of mutual interest. By setting a generous PPC campaign, Google will prioritize the ad providing benefit to both itself and to you.

Well, these are some of the many tips you need to follow while writing Google Google AdWords for the cab industry as they may harness the power to attract a large number of quality leads. These tips to write Google Google AdWord ads for the taxi industry have proven their worth in our long course of business. We have come to the list of top preferences for the cab companies due to our personalized services in digital marketing and running successful ads on search engines such as Google and Bing.

We are Techies Infotech, the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne. In our long course of service, we have helped many cab companies meet their fortune with our skilled and professional services. If you are looking for perfect aid in digital marketing, we might be the one you are looking for. So, wait no more and reach out to us now!

Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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