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May 27, 2021

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With the gradual invasion of Social Media into our lives, the challenge to grow online sales has also become inevitable for every business. Many of you might be standing at the crossroads, thinking where to begin and how to emerge victorious, in this highly competitive world of e-commerce sites.

The escalation in e-commerce has made it even more challenging to lure visitors required to boost online sales. With the ever-evolving social media marketing trends, traditional marketing has taken a back seat and has been replaced by a way of revolutionized marketing strategies. Therefore, this article showcases the best social media strategies to grow your online sales, for sure. So, let’s quickly sail through these amazing social media marketing strategies.

15 Social Media Strategies

Consistency in Posting Persuasive Content

Staying consistent in posting influential content on social media is one of tried and tested ways to boost your volume of followers. However, studies suggest that you should ensure your tempo for your brand since the audience is quite responsive to the frequent posts. Moreover, you can also draw a comparison between your frequency of posts and engagement rates to your competitors.

Feed the Social Feeds with Micro-Content

While drafting the content for social feeds, you should consider the context employed by the users to browse social media. You might have witnessed people surfing social media in-between other tasks. For instance when they are on their mobiles during commutation, or while taking a short break between their work schedules. This is the major reason why you should opt for bite-sized content to enrapture your audience. This social media strategy works wonders in boosting your online sales.

Conduct a Twitter Chat with your audience

As a matter of fact, engagement is vital to keep your online audience active and contended. And to keep this going, what’s better than Twitter Chat. It not only enhances your followers but also grows your online sales. You can host this chat in either way. Firstly you can co-host Twitter Chat, where you are allowed to access the existing audience. Secondly, you can start your own chat, where you will have to put an extra effort into its promotion. Gradually, the Twitter Chat will permit you to establish your brand as an authority.

Facilitate the sharing of products

If you are looking to grow your online sales by making your site viral, then there is nothing better than facilitating your audience with share buttons on your social media. Ensure that the share buttons are easily discoverable by the users.

Stay alert on appropriate #hashtags

Over a period of time, hashtags have emerged successful in the social web in order to simplify the relevancy of the posts and participation in the discussions and events. For instance, you are a fashion brand. Therefore, you should consider tweeting, covering high profile events and even commenting on the celebrity styles with relevant hashtags to your brand. You can discover, retweet and reply to the posts under the relevant hashtags. This strategy will help you stay active and boost your online presence.

Affiliate your Post to the trending theme

Another way to maximize your reach is by affiliating your post with the trends that are currently relevant. If you stay updated with the relevant hashtags and news, you are likely to seize an opportunity to put forth your views in the trending topics.

Subsidize with Infographics

Employing professionally crafted infographics, are certain to drive traffic and build backlinks, which helps you boost your ranking in major SEOs. Quality infographics are designated to promote your ranking (SERP), which further helps you grow your online sales.

Establish Interactive Content like quizzes

The idea of introducing quizzes and other interactive content plays an important role in engaging and promoting your brand on social media platforms. These interactive pieces of content compel the quiz-takers to share their results on the social web. However, to steer this engagement, you are required to produce contests and quizzes that are oriented towards displaying some exciting information about the participant, which further induces him to share the results.

Place your best posts on the top of your profile

Building an effective social profile not only enhances your social presence but also help you build your brand. You also hold a chance to drive your visitors to your social profile and make them click through your site or content. Make sure that you use every feature at your disposal, so as to let your profile signify your desires and channels the clicks where you want. Some activities like updating your cover photos, captioning them with eye catchy lines, infusing backlinks into your profile etc. can help you build your brand on social media. Moreover, you can place your already established posts to drive more traffic and get more conversions.

Elaborate your Pinterest with Complementary Board

The greatest way of offering additional value to your clients is by supplying them the information and offers on your brand’s complementary products that you do not promote otherwise. For instance, if you own a sportswear store, selling hiking shoes, then you can create an additional Pinterest Board where you can feature relevant items like sunscreen, backpacks, etc. In this way, the other brands and sites promoted by you will consider the incoming traffic from your Pinterest profile. Subsequently, they may even adopt a similar strategy to direct back the traffic your way.

Empower Your Instagram with Shopping Option

On one hand, where linking on Instagram is looked upon as a challenge by brands, on the other, it becomes even harder when they are directed towards driving traffic and getting conversions. Therefore, Instagram posts and stories work miracles in boosting online sales. All you have to do is just put product tags on your product photos. The users can then click on these tags, to discover the cost and other details of the product, making it possible for them to make the purchases. Hence, this is one of the most effective strategies to compound Instagram and E-commerce.

Create or Join a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are online clusters that are available to Facebook users to participate in. These groups operate on ideas of common interests. Therefore, you should join or create a group relevant to your industry and targeted audience. There is a standard methodology to be adopted to grow your sales through these groups. Initially, you should just join the group and not consider selling your products. Gradually, build your relations and set up your credibility in the group. Once you do that, you are good to promote your products and generate sales.

Check for the retargeted ads

With the increased competition in gaining traction in the News Feed organically, the business pages have inclined towards paid retargeted ads on social media. Besides this, you also enjoy control over the viewers who can see your content in contrast to the limited existing audience through your organic efforts. However, when you run retargeted ads, you address the already visited users. Therefore, these ads can be customized pertaining to their behavior.

Inaugurate a Facebook Shop

Were you ever aware of selling your products directly via Facebook? You can operate a brand new sales channel on Facebook by adding the shop section to your respective business page. This introduces you to the already existing customers. The Facebook Shop gives the users access to your online store so that they can make the purchases while being within the same platform.

Host an Influencer Campaign

Influencer marketing has developed as a successful online marketing strategy. If you discover a relatable influencer who already possess your target audiences, then you can ask them to assist you in featuring a sponsored post that promotes your brands and products.

Creativity – the need for Social Media Marketing Strategies

Effective social media marketing accounts for a lot. Right from curating the content to scheduling the posts related to products and also to automate the profile.

But, establishing a successful social media marketing to grow online sales is way beyond broadcasting your brand. Therefore, Techies Infotech, being one of the trusted brands in social media marketing in Melbourne that understands the intricacies of this industry. Our expert digital marketers are committed to understand, engage and react to the targeted audience of your business. Techies Infotech are dedicated enough in offering social media marketing services in Australia to help you build your brand and grow your online sales.

Manisha Sharma

As the Creative Head and a Unity Developer at Techies Infotech FZCO, I coordinate teams, learn development, and design graphics products for various industries, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created images and layouts for multiple projects, including food, healthcare, and clothing. I have also developed creative design for print materials, banners, and signs. I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences with AR, VR, and gaming technologies.

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