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Search engine optimization is one of the most fruitful strategies, a business can utilize to increase their websites search ranking. Techies Infotech can put your website, in the right place, at the right time.

SEO is not just for ranking, but majorly for revenue!

Techies Infotech is providing SEO services according to the corporate needs for 9 years now. Our SEO goals majorly include generating new business and leads from search engine queries. We focus on increasing our client’s ROI, elevate the number of website visitors and elevating domain authority to list a few. We are a results-driven marketing agency that primarily focuses on innovative and effective strategies to take your user to the bottom of the conversion funnel, more efficiently. Unlike many other marketing “gurus” that are only focusing on increasing website visitors irrespective of the quality of traffic and number of conversions, we are majorly focused on carrying your user to become your customer and make the customer journey more efficient. A plethora of our clients is gratified with the constant evolution and effectiveness of our strategies.

What value can we offer to your business?

Website auditing

We believe auditing acts as a fundamental of SEO. If invested in the research effectively, it can ameliorate your website ranking and will eventually lead to higher ROI. We consider website auditing as the foundation of SEO and investe proper research and strategy implications to generate a higher ROI.

Competition analysis

We analyze the website and strategies of your competition to make you rank higher than them. We audit the competition’s website to learn the strategies they are using which are making them rank higher than your website. Our analysis includes many strategies like extracting insights from audits, SWOT analysis, engagement tracking, website traffic analyses to list a few.

Keyword research

We optimize web pages for the exact relevance of the search query which includes long-tail keywords, short tail keywords, voice search optimisation to make your website rank on the top of the Google search. Certain keyword targeting can vastly impact your business growth.

On-page optimisation

We start by making changes on the website by doing the content modification, Search Engine friendly URLs, Mobile optimization, Website speed, CTA, etc. We optimize an array of aspects to make sure you get ranked for the product/services you offer. To rank your content in 2020, you will need to optimize your content for better UX, Bounce rate and dwell time, Click-Through-Rate (CTR). We have 95% accuracy for the on-page optimization of our projects.

Off-page optimisation

When you earn backlinks from a plethora of websites, it can become the ultimate deciding factor for your ranking when you have a competitor who is providing almost the same value as you are. We make the presence of your website felt by putting links to your website on reputable places on the internet and promoting your website.

SERP reports

We perform Google SERP analysis to make sure that relevant keywords are picked for your niche and find out what revamps we can perform to make you outrank your competitors. We extract insights by the blend of auditing, researching, analyzing the keywords, and websites to provide the utmost results and higher ROI.

Local SEO

According to a recent case study, people are likely to follow businesses located in their hometowns. We work on projects that demand local SEO as their first priority and generate many positive outcomes in the form of leads and buyers. We grow your business awareness locally and ultimately increase the sales by deploying strategized marketing campaigns and other SEO practices.

GMB optimisation

Google My Business or GMB 0optimization is a key aspect of local SEO and is used to promote a business locally. According to our insights, we have observed 30% more website visits when GMB is optimized frequently. We need to remember that GMB optimization is far more than uploading your business details online! We can optimize your GMB by using tactics that we have developed over the years to grow your revenues.

SEO migration

SEO migration could be a precarious maneuver. Proper execution can result in a gain of significant search engine visibility — typically changes to the site’s location, platform, content, or UX. We have performed a lot of successful migrations including platform migration, protocol migration, and many more. We provide you with customized strategies for your particular sites that will yield astonishing results.

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