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We transform your dream app idea into a functional mobile app using innovative, reliable, and scalable enterprise-grade solutions, be it of any genre.

Our process of expertise

Being an innovation-driven team, our team of mobile app developers thrives in bringing tailor-made apps to life. Our highly proficient engineers and certified project managers are dedicated towards the mobile application development process and methodologies, which help our worldwide customers reduce their work timeframe.
Mobile app consulting

Our experts provide professional mobile consulting and brand analysis to analyze your requirements, to define and prioritize features, to strategize the solution architecture, and to conduct usability testing.

UI/UX compatibility

UI/UX design is the soul of the best mobile applications. Massive experience in design has allowed our skillful team to perfect the process of providing UI/UX services. Our developers and designers follow high design standards, workflows, and guidelines to deliver the product you need within the set timeframe.


Techies Infotech offers all types of mobile app development. We provide native mobile development for iOS, Android, and hybrid development on Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native, etc. Our highly experienced business analysts help you decide on the platforms to target and choose the best development framework.

QA & testing

Our team of mobile testing experts performs all types of mobile testing and debugging to ensure the top quality of your mobile solution.

Support & maintenance

Our ingenious team of experts manages all support & maintenance tasks like app monitoring, app upgrades, and enhancements. We offer technical support, bug fixing, app maintenance, app version upgrades, etc.


Whether you are a big organization or a small startup, our experts can help you promote your mobile app on some renowned platforms like Google Play, iOS App Store at affordable prices.

Industries we cater to

Our portfolio is equipped with diversified sectors of the economy.

  • Healthcare: Our healthcare mobile apps could ensure online ordering of the medicines, delivery of the medicines, and every possible emergency care.
  • Cleaning services: We build high-performing mobile apps to provide a quick cleaning service for a residential or commercial place.
  • eCommerce & retail: If there is a mobile app for purchases, this would be a dream come true. Our developers provide the same to our various worldwide clients through our eCommerce apps.
  • Real estate: We build mobile apps for our various real estate clients worldwide. These apps are the best choice to assist clients in buying or selling properties without any risk or uncertainty.
  • Delivery services: Might it be courier delivery service, medication delivery service, grocery delivery service, or any other delivery service, our mobile apps have made the job effective and efficient.

Why choose us for web development?

iOS app development

We use the latest iOS technologies to develop error-free iOS applications with top-quality features, user-friendly designs, and security assurance. With years of experience in iOS app development, we have developed dozens of apps for different Apple devices. All our apps have made an impact in the industry and helped our worldwide clients achieve their business goals.

Android app development

Our trained team of developers and designers is dedicated to creating Android apps for the generation-z. To match the Android ecosystem, we ensure that we make the best apps that provide incredible user experience and unparalleled reliability.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development requires the excellence of multiple technologies. Our developers have the expertise to build hybrid apps that cater to both iOS and Android operating systems users.

Progressive web app development

Our developers build progressive web apps that combine the most advanced technical solutions applied in mobile apps beneficial in terms of the ease of development and distribution, as well as several other benefits for your business.

How do we develop a mobile application for your business?

We take pride in serving clients from different horizons. Our local and overseas clients range from start-up and mid-sized enterprises to some of the most renowned brands.

  • Analyzing business requirements: We first understand your business requirements and strong opportunity areas. After the analysis, our team ensures features that will help your business meet its app objectives.
  • Robust wireframing: Our team of technical experts transforms your business requirements into technical specifications and creates wireframes that include all the essential aspects that need attention to improve your efficiency and outcomes.
  • Designing: Our UI/UX experts design clean, user-friendly, and bug-free apps that optimize the user experience.
  • Development: We develop robust mobile apps for your brand through agile software development and techniques that enhance your operational efficiency while also generating solid leads
  • Testing: We test and retest each mobile app several times to provide you a highly responsive, secure, and bug-free app.
  • Deployment: We offer you seamless support for deploying and managing your mobile apps for hassle-free functioning. If you want to add some additional features to your app or move it to new technology for your business, you can count on us.

Technology stack


There is no better technology to use than HTML/CSS if your company or organization is looking at building web-frontend applications for mobile platforms. Our team uses HTML/CSS as it helps you deliver the best functionality and exceptional user experience.


Our development team recommends Objective-C as it is a superset of the programming language C. If a mobile app is developed with Objective-C, you will not really have to spend your precious money on the app migration after a couple of months.


If you are building native or iOS apps, Swift is the language to seek. Our developers use it to add modern features to make programming more accessible, more flexible, and more fun.


Kotlin is a programming language that has influenced some other important programming languages such as Gosu, Scala, Groovy, Java, etc. Apps developed in Kotlin are Pinterest, Coursera, Trello, Evernote, and many more.

React Native

This technology helps our experienced mobile app developers build cross-platform native mobile apps using JavaScript and ReactJS. With React Native, we develop cross-platform apps with the design, feel, and function exactly like native apps.


Our developers use Lighthouse, an automated tool, to improve the quality of web pages. It has audits for performance, progressive web apps, accessibility, SEO, and more.

Why do our quality works get featured?

  • Agile methodologies: We follow agile methodology where requirements and solutions evolve throughout the process by the combined effort of self-organizing cross-functional teams and clients.
  • Cost efficient: Our expert team analyzes business requirements and provides the latest and most compatible solutions at affordable prices.
  • Transparency: We believe in transparency, and that’s the reason our worldwide clients trust us the most. All the processes and codes are visible to the client whenever they wish to examine.
  • Flexibility: We are flexible in terms of coding, working hours, methodology as well as 24X7 support.
  • Quality assurance: We focus on continual and consistent improvement and maintenance of processes that enable quality control and ensure the mobile app is tested thoroughly before being launched
  • 24/7 technical support: Our proficient team understands the prevailing functionalities and challenges met by the customer and sets up 24×7 support methodologies along with communication protocols to be followed.

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