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May 12, 2021

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In this digital era, all visitors want quick information. Most of the brands want to provide an exceptional mobile app experience to their consumers. There are various mobile app development frameworks available with many attractive features, and React Native is one of them.

React Native is the best cross-platform mobile app development framework like PhoneGap, and it is very efficient in building an extensive app for Android and iOS smartphones. If you want to save your precious time, money, and staff resources at a higher level, then React Native is an ideal business solution.

Ever since its official launch in March 2015, React Native has got quick awareness and interest in the programmers’ community. It has become the market leader in the new-gen of cross-platform app development within no time. This programming language also got 83,200 stars on Github in December 2019.

It is a progressive technology, providing traditional and advanced methods of hybrid mobile app development. For several years of work, the framework was utilized in some renowned apps such as Instagram, Walmart, Skype, UberEats, Airbnb, Tesla, Baidu Mobile, SoundCloud Pulse, Tencent QQ, and many others.

We’ll explain why React Native is worthy of being among the most trending technologies across the globe. And why this powerful tool is worthy of being utilized in your brand.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for mobile app development, and tech giant, Facebook launched it. When it comes to choosing, entrepreneurs always move to React Native.

There are so many big names already utilized in this framework and never failed a day. Many tech giants, including, Facebook, Pinterest, Vogue, Bloomberg, and many more, have turned towards React Native for iOS and Android platforms

You also gain advantages in cost when choosing React Native. This framework lays the ground open to various formats for a consumer to get access to the specific app. In 2020, mobile apps will be gaining revenue of $188.9 billion, with the help of in-app advertising and app stores. Moreover, the enhancing demand for aesthetic appeal and seamless navigation of mobile applications have made it very important to embrace React Native for app development.

Some incredible React native features turning a best for mobile app development

Below are the top reasons listed for choosing React Native:

Offers cross-platform mobile app development

It allows you to utilize the same code for building both Android and iOS apps. Thus, it provides the same performance results without any extra modifications.

Within no time, you can develop a mobile application for your brand. The need for different languages like Swift, JAVA, C++, or any other is no longer required.

All you need is an expert JavaScript developer that has the complete knowledge of native UI library, APIs, and cross-platform mobile app development.

Amazing performance

It may not be as fast as the best native apps developed with programming languages such as Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, and C#. But, you will get excellent performance as it provides you native components like View, Image, and Text.

You can improve your React Native app performance by utilizing native code. Yes, React Native allows you to use native code, too. For an amazing performance, you can develop some exceptional features in your app utilizing native code and some features with React Native.

With the help of this framework, the reputed app developers can experience a 30% shorter development time which also improves the performance.


Animations play an essential role in enhancing the user interface of the mobile application or a web app. Today, almost every app includes animated elements.

If you perform a comparison of React Native and other frameworks, React Native provides highly smooth animations as the code converted to native views before rendering.

Rich UI

React Native lets you develop exceptional, eye-catching UIs with the help of pre-built declarative components, such as Button, Slider, Picker, Switch, and so on.

You can also build customized components with TouchableNativeFeedback and TouchableOpacity. There are several iOS and Android-specific parts available to make it work proficiently on Android and iOS mobiles.

Less usage of memory

It is very much compatible with 3rd party plugins, and React Native tools give smoother run-time. With the lucrative framework, with its well-diversified parts, the 3rd party involvement is made much easier.

Without utilizing WebView, a developer can easily connect the part to the plugin via the native part. This phase is directly connected with app outcome features that allow it to provide a much quicker response.

The React Native for iOS and Android platforms utilize much less memory space, as there is no cross-bridge linking, and the code structure is used during run-time.

The single code base for iOS and Android

It means that a single code base is used for multiple mobile operating systems. Components are reutilized anytime into existing code without any recoding and recompiling the app.

The framework is open-source to be compatible with different platforms and suitable for the whole community of programmers. It allows building native modules in a comparable language and linking it to React Native codebase in a more natural way.

Transforming a web page to the mobile app is super easy

With fragmented subparts and intuitive code overlays, React Native is interfaced wholly and smoothly. That means any programmer can easily understand the code base that is run by the application.

There’s no requirement of a core developer team to maintain the app. In times of changing employees and seeking outer boundaries, one can easily involve in the development process, and the situation does not put any stoppage on the development of the app

Top companies using React Native

There are some examples of those who have substantially adopted this framework. There are many more companies moving toward React Native, and brands are actively switching their development to this iconic mobile app development framework. Some examples are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tesla
  • Walmart
  • Skype
  • Discard

Why choose Techies Infotech for React Native app development?

As you notice, React Native is a fast-growing technology and keeps its position among the other renowned names. This tool saves time by reducing development efforts and scaling a project team. If you are also seeking to build a mobile app through this framework, all you need to connect with the best developers.

Techies Infotech, the best Mobile App Development Company Melbourne, offers quality-assured, structured design, and stringent coding practices. What makes us unique is our ability to build innovative and highly efficient user interfaces that provide client satisfaction due to our standardized communication process and result-oriented solutions. Our key features are:-

Clear communication

Here at Techies Infotech, we streamline communication between our clients and teams by making a communication strategy that schedules and describes all daily, weekly, and monthly calls and meetings.

Efficient project management

To avoid budget overruns, prevent schedule slips, and minimize project issues, we are working on agile methodologies to make sure the product we’re working on meets our clients’ expectations.

Scaling on demand

We believe our clients should have as few problems as possible. When conditions change, and you need to enhance the size of your team, we include as many people as required to provide every task completion on time.

Consistent delivery

For the expected outcome, we utilize advanced software development methodologies and techniques, including the scaled Agile framework depending on the project size and type. This approach allows us to deliver your tasks on time while neglecting emergency work, rework, and schedule slips.

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