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January 19, 2019

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As time is going on, the vastness of the online world is getting even more vast. With the increase in its scope, competition and players, the place for naive minds has really gone extinct. You want to be the player of a bigger game, you need to be the winner of the smaller one.And in this neck to neck game, all your efforts can drain into oblivion if your business isn’t in the eyes of competitors and audience.A website is the frontier of any business which proclaims the presence of its owner. So, it is really important to choose a web developer and designer carefully for the better the agency, the better is the website.Given below are some of the most important questions you should ask the web design and development company before hiring them.

How do they measure growth?

A website is basically a fully loaded rifle to give you a shot of success bull’s eye. So, before hiring a web design and development agency, you ought to know that

  • How the agency keeps a check on the market value of its clients
  • How the growth rate is measured
  • You should also know what was the previous bounce rate of patients, and the data of traffic, keyword ranking etc. This can help you get a clearer image of the agency.

Would the site favour search engine?

The main aim of each website is to rank good on search engines. If the site is not on the first page, then for what good the site is? SEO is the key to get a good score on the search engine.

Now for the same, you need to ensure that

  • The site should be composed of the latest algorithms and standards and it should be cooked in such a way that when a seeker searches for any relatable keyword, your site pops to the top.
  • The agency must offer SEO services and must be having some experienced SEO experts who can give their aid to take your site to soaring heights.

Would I have the power to make the changes?

It is common knowledge that businesses are highly dynamic. They change in a flicker of a second. Hence timely updates are always required on the website.

But if the website is rigid, you won’t be able to make any changes; hence you need to know if you can edit the site afterwards or not.

  • Some agencies allow making the changes and updates from your own website management system.
  • But, on the other hand, there are some agencies which make changes themselves and ask for an additional fee to do that.

Hence, you need to be fully aware of the type of agency you’re dealing with so that in future, no conflict arises and both the ventures go side by side.

Would I be able to see the work in progress?

It is for the company’s good if it can see into the working of the agency. This way, it can provide a personal touch to the website and probability of mistakes also reduce.

  • Some agencies provide extra relief by preparing a draft of the website and ask if any amendments are required.
  • But there are some agencies, which put the companies in the oblivion and present only the final product. These type of agencies are more likely to commit mistakes and are vulnerable to remakes.

What other services can you offer?

Most of the web development and design companies offer a plethora of other services as well. These services can include content writing, graphic designing, video editing, digital marketing etc.

  • You need to make sure that the team you are selecting is in proper synchronisation with its other services.
  • Make sure the agency understands the whole of your requirement before enacting upon it.

Which methodology do they follow? Agile or Scrum

These both methodologies are an essential part of any web development and design agency.

In agile methodology, work is framed within the team and then sent for approval and feedback. Meanwhile, other work is started.

But on the other hand, in Scrum methodology, a project is made and sent for approval. Next work is not started until and unless previous work has been approved and changed according to the feedbacks.

Confirm the methodology, the agency is following for this would make the basics of your expectations from the agency.

Is there an effective communication strategy?

A venture relies on the bond they share within. An agency needs to have a sound communication strategy within to perform each and every task so that nothing is missed and a joint effort reflects from the final product.

Making the surity of effective communication strategy would ensure synchronisation of efforts and efficiency of the result.

Closing Comments

We are one of the best Web design and Development Agency in India offering web development services to a vast global clientele. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of graphic designers, content writers and SEO experts to provide you with the aid along.

So wait no more and reach out to Techies Infotech and see your website touching the high google ranks and helping you make a desirable venture in today’s digital world.

Anurag Byala

I'm customer-focused business leader, I always find pleasure in bringing forth disruptive tech solutions and serving them to clients. With a prime focus on the eCommerce industry in the GCC region, I always look forward to enabling my team of tech experts, our customers, and the customers’ customers to stay on top of the heap by leveraging the evolution of the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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