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October 27, 2020

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The decision of having a mobile app for your business always comes up with great outcomes. Whether it is a B2B business or a B2C company, a mobile app can benefit you in many ways. For a B2B business, a mobile app can enhance the operational excellence. On the other side, for B2C business, the app helps gaining new sales leads, great brand exposure, and a direct platform for your audience.

Although mobile apps have tremendous benefits for a business, yet to reap the maximum advantages, you must plan the development of the app adequately and take necessary steps to review your idea in advance.

If mobile app development is a thing that you are not much familiar with, take services from a reputed mobile app development company like Techies Infotech. Hire our expert mobile app developers for your business app development project and ensure to have the maximum benefits from it.

Reasons to have a mobile app for your business –

Mobile presence is a need of today for every business. Today, almost every individual uses a mobile phone while connecting with their known ones or to seek solutions to their concerns on the web. Therefore, it might be a mistake if you forget to have a mobile app for your business.

Considering today’s market scenario, the mobile presence makes a business become more relevant to their audience. There has been a remarkable increase in app types and varieties for business that consumers download from app stores.

As per a reported estimation, between 2016 and 2020, yearly downloads will double to roughly 284 billion. Moreover, the demand for having a custom business app is continuously growing as more and more businesses are leaning towards a mobile app considering its benefits.

Another survey conducted by ContractIQ discovered that 62% of businesses already have an app or are in the process of building one. Of those, 20% use their apps for branding purposes, 30% have revenue generating apps, and 50% use them for support and engagement. 

Following listed few certain reasons for businesses to choose mobile app –

  • Deliver more value to your customers
  • Improve brand awareness among target audience
  • Better connectivity with your customers
  • Personalized & direct platform
  • Increased ROI

Common mistakes to avoid to have a great mobile app for your business –

If you have already made your mind to have a great mobile app for your business, then make sure to avoid certain mistakes that people commonly make while planning for the app.

Mistake #1 – Creating an app that does not solve problems of end-users – 

The most common mistake that most of the business owners make is to create a business app that fails to solve the problems of its users exactly. Here, you need to understand that with your business mobile app, you are going to compete with many other similar apps. To gain trust and interest of end users, your app has to prove its relevance and worth to consumers.

Mistake #2 – Creating app that lacks focus & exact purpose –

Another mistake that is common among business owners while creating a mobile app for business is to have an app to present all kinds of solutions, like one app for all potential problems you may think of. This kind of app is usually distracted from a focus and hence fails to solve users’ problems. Several options often lead the app to be less user-focused, less intuitive and make users confused.

Mistake #3 – Not taking expectations and user-behavior of iOS and Android users into account – 

This is another common mistake that numerous business owners make while planning a mobile app for their business. A number of business owners get a mobile app developed for one platform only even if they want to address consumers from both platforms like iOS and Android. Here, this thing is required to understand that users of both the platforms have different expectations and when designing apps, you have to take all kinds of user behaviors into account.

In the beginning, you can certainly use one mobile app for both platforms, but ensure you are familiar with the user groups and platforms preferred by them.

Important things to consider when planning a mobile app –

A mobile app for a business can play a critical role in the success of your brand. Therefore, you must pay required attention to each and every aspect when planning for a mobile app for your business. Following mentioned, key pointers to consider for having a strong mobile app for your business – 

Identify a clear concept –

Every business app is built on a certain concept. When you plan to have a mobile app that would represent your brand, you must have a clear concept in mind.

To identify a clear concept, you should have clarity on the purpose of the app. Try to find answers to things like what you try to achieve from this app, or how will your users engage with this app, or even what would be the core features of the app, etc.

Identifying the core concept and features, you can stay targeted on track throughout the development of your app and avoid making whopping mistakes.

Thoroughly understand your business’ audience –

With a mobile app, you would certainly want to connect with a certain audience that might be interested in your products or services. Having a clarity of your business’ audience will help the developer make an app that is more relevant to that audience.

A thorough understanding of your business’ audience enables the app developer to think from users’ perspective rightly. And keeping their perspective in mind, he/she can develop a mobile app to target them appropriately.

Determine app goals –

An advance planning with app goals is highly crucial for developing a powerful mobile app for a business. This is a way to keep the app developers on the right track, avoid feature issues, and assist you whenever a critical business or technical decision is required to be made.

In determining app goals, you should consider finding answers to questions like do you seek a new revenue generation stream, are you trying to empower your audience with solutions to their problems, or if your business needs additional support?

Besides, there can be many other goals that have to be determined early while planning a mobile app for your business.

Create a proper flowchart for your app –

While planning a mobile app for your business, a flowchart can streamline the development process. With a flowchart, you can easily make a readable, concise and simple presentation of your app. It would show the way your team of developers would start and complete the development of the app.

A quality app flowchart includes concept of the app, features, workflow, budget, deadlines, various development process steps, and team members.

Consider app design –

Design of the app holds great value in making it a success. Therefore, while planning the app for your business, you make sure to consider an interface that is user-friendly. After all, your app is all about users and if it fails to become user-friendly, it will be of no use for them. Like hundreds of other such apps, your business app will also end up being listed on the app store with no luck.

So, to get a great design of your app, you should remove all irrelevant aspects which are not required from there. With less distraction to users, you can improve user experience and encourage adoption of your app.

Determine security for the mobile app –

Everyone cares for data protection and if your mobile apps would seem unsafe or vulnerable to security threats to users, they won’t prefer using it anyhow. Hence, you should also give utmost value to app security when planning a mobile app for your business.

How to receive payments –

For businesses planning to have an eCommerce app, payment gateway is the most important aspect to consider. As an eCommerce app acts the role of an online store of a business, it involves payments from/to customers. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider how to receive payments with quality and secure payment gateways when planning for a business app.

Is your app future-proof?

Though to ensure a quality user-experience is the most critical point to consider when developing an app, it is also mandatory to give required importance to make your app future-proof. As the technology is growing very fast, your future-proof app will help your business stay strong and reap benefits even in future.

Platforms to support –

In the current era, iOS and Android are two leading mobile app platforms of the market. Therefore, consider the platforms that will be supported by your mobile app when it is released in the app stores.

In this stage, you should ensure that your app can run on iOS and Android both platforms as it helps you reach out the maximum audience simultaneously.

A smart promotion and marketing plan for your app –

Once your mobile app is created and released in the app stores, what next! Well, to get popular, it would require a proper promotion and marketing plan. By adequately marketing on different marketing channels, you can boost the visibility of your app and encourage users to download and use it.

Therefore, a smart promotion and marketing plan for your app has to be taken into account when planning a mobile app for your business.

Where to find a result-driven business app to determine your success –

A mobile app has exceptional benefits with great potential of boosting revenue for your business. To have a high-end result-driven business app to determine your success, Techies Infotech can be the best platform to find matchless mobile app development solutions in India. 

To discuss your mobile app requirement, you can write us an email or drop a message here as we provide free of cost consultation on app development for businesses.

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