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May 14, 2021

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When the user uses voice command rather than typing to search on the internet, an app, or a website, then it is called voice-enabled or voice search. This method of search is a more interactive dialogue system and involves several rounds to interact by allowing a system to ask to clarify. Some of its examples are Google voice search, Siri, Amazon, Alexa, and Cortana that all have open-domain keyword queries on any information.

A mechanism that it includes for input is Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and there can also be the inclusion of a text-to-speech tool for output. Sometimes before performing the search, the user needs to activate virtual assistance. Before detecting keywords and context of the sentence, the search engine recognizes the language spoken by the user. Then according to the output, the device gives out results either by displaying or speaking.

According to a survey by SEO experts, in 2018 of all Google search queries, one-fifth, i.e., 20% of searches consisted of voice commands. Whereas voice search queries on Bing and Baidu were 25% and 10%, respectively.

Further, according to popular voice search SEO website, of all adults, searching on Google, 41% use voice search, of which 55% are teenagers. It states that voice search has inclined 35 times in usage since 2008. Besides, one-fourth of Windows 10 searches are voice searches, and this trend is going to grow as 65% of people using voice assistant devices like Google Home and Amazon echo are happy to use these tools. Also, in 2020, 50% of all searches are going to be voice searches.

The main reasons for the rapid growth of voice search are it is 3.7% quicker than typing, so it gives back answers quickly. Secondly, most of the searches come from a mobile phone by which people prefer to do voice searches over typing. Lastly, people are using it for its convenience; most of them are happy to give voice command rather than painful typing.

However, it would help if you had voice search optimization by having relevant content to search engines for the specific query. It is better if you have a responsive web design and structured data markup that does not affect the appearance of your content for users; indeed helps you to create metadata for your content. As the trend of voice search by mobile phones is inclining, so voice SEO would be an essential factor in the coming years.

What Changes Do You Need To Make In Seo For Voice Search Optimization?

Consideration of voice search queries has become an essential aspect for both small and big businesses that are looking to optimize for local SEO. But most of the companies are using the same strategies for voice search optimization to become equally competitive. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should have specific strategies when developing content.

Change`s You Need For Voice Search

You need to consider the changes that voice search SEO requires than regular SEO. For this you should know the following questions for voice search: .

How people do voice searches?

Voice searches are longer and conversational than search results by typing. Try to build your content around longer keywords, keep it natural, and put questions for keywords. According to Google, of all searches on Google Assistant, 70% use natural language. You might type “make a cupcake,” but for voice search are more likely to put an original query “How to make a cupcake?”.

Where people do voice searches?

The convenience of voice search lets people search at public places like restaurants, railway stations, or gym. A few years ago, if you had got a fever, you might have to type hospital near me. But nowadays, you are available with voice search and LTE location technology, allowing you to search wherever you are present. For voice search, your query would be, “where is the hospital nearby me right now?”.

How people get search results by voice search?

Voice search has made Google an answer engine from a search engine. Features on SERP, like featured snippets and knowledge graphs, have dropped organic click rate by 37%. As you do not need to visit the site for your query, you all get it in search results.

Google also has this answer-focused technology. Back in the days, people would type banana calories and get answers in many search results, but now with voice search, people put questions like “how many calories in one medium banana?”

Why need direct answers in our content?

If your content does not give direct answers to people’s queries, it will not appear on the front page.

Do Keyword Research Appropriate For Voice Search

Add question keywords

You must consider that people type and speak differently; you may type a query on the search engine “voice search device,” but when searching by voice command, you would loudly say, “which is the best voice search device?”.

Keep keywords natural and conversational

As discussed above, you should look for the natural and conversational keywords that people use while putting queries.

Keep long-tail keywords

Further, keep your keywords long because voice searches tend to be longer than text searches. Sprinkle long keywords having 5+ words in your content.

Ideal Content Development And Site Structure

Develop your content: Map questions that can provide the experience of comprehensive information to customers. Also, this ensures the customer that you are available at any stage for customer needs by voice search. So for the customer’s journey, you need to consider points like awareness, evaluation, purchase, customer support, interest, and loyalty. To refer:

Awareness: Which is the best Samsung mobile phone? .

Evaluation: Which is a better Samsung Galaxy S2 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

Awareness: Which is the best Samsung mobile phone? .

Purchase: What is the cost of a Samsung Galaxy S3?

Customer Support: What if the phone has a problem within six months of purchase?

Interest: Is there a feature of voice command?

Keep your answers concise: For voice search queries, Google returns short answers with an average of 29 words, so try to keep your answers brief.

Include FAQs: As told earlier, that question keywords are in trend, and google returns concise answers for the voice searches. These factors make search results to come from FAQ page by 1.7 times than desktop results. So keeping general and simple answers like “what are the benefits of car insurance” on the FAQ page helps you with voice search.

Develop content relevant to featured snippets: You must know that featured snippets give out 40.7% of voice search results. It has become more critical to optimize your content for featured snippets for voice assistant devices like Alexa search results and Google Home, as these only give out the single answer. So if not optimizing your content for featured snippets means you are not supplying material to voice assistant devices.

Use natural language and long-tail keywords

As already discussed, voice search tends to be more natural in the form of personal queries, so keep your content natural to be relevant for voice search.

Further, by including long-tail keywords, your content becomes more significant to specific user queries. Try to embed keywords with 5+ words according to user questions for better optimization.

Develop a site structure

Further, try to organize your questions for site structure. Include informational intent(how-tos, guides, etc.), navigational intent(services, customer service info, store locations, press releases), and transactional intent(product information, product stories, comparisons, videos).

Have Structured Data Optimization

Voice search only returns one result that is the best-optimized answer to the searcher’s query. So it would help if you make content relevant to a search engine for a specific question. Also, submit a sitemap to ensure pages are easy to crawl.

Use structured data markup that helps to create metadata to help google bots. It gives a boost in voice search results but does not affect your ranking directly.

Mobile-Friendly Means Site Friendly

Keeping in an account that most voice searches, in reality, come from mobile devices, so voice search optimization is beneficial for mobile-first optimization. Voice search results take 3.8 times faster than other methods. Users expect quick results, so pages on a mobile phone should be optimized to open in lesser time.

Moreover, you should summarize your content by structured data and use AMP optimized pages to rank higher on mobile search results. Further, register in Google My Business to optimize your content and site in local search results as most of the voice searches by mobile are location-based queries.

Build Up A Domain Authority

Voice search result of Ashraf Domain Rating on average is around 77%, whereas Average Page Rating on a site with traditional SEO is only 21.1%. Voice search results came as a single result, and the displayed result is mostly from the most trusted source with an authoritative domain.

Try To Include Long Content

On average, the word count of a Google page result on search is 1900, which is about 400 words less than the result page displayed on voice search. So, a page with longer content has more chances to rank on voice search results. Besides, try to avoid fancy and jargon words instead of writing in a 9th-grade reading level.

Try To Rank Videos In Search Results

Google has recently added video featured snippets, so video results are more likely to pop up by natural language queries that include voice searches. Try to rank your videos in Google if you want to rank your content up in the search engine for voice search results.

Create Alexa Skills or Google Actions

Building custom skills in Alexa or creating actions on the Google App makes your content more accessible for home assistant users. These actions are useful and get better results to voice command users by making it possible for users to communicate back-and-forth with your app or content.

Be Prepared For Future Developments

Please keep track of the developments of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other players that are upgrading their features to make voice search more popular. So by updating yourself for the requirements of voice search optimization, you can rank higher on voice search results. In the future, Google has plans to add new features in search console, i.e., voice query data. By this, you can analyze how users are reaching your site through voice search.

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