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October 14, 2020

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Shopify, or we can say, “the all-in-one commerce platform,” has transformed the businesses worldwide. This incredible platform has uncovered a galore of opportunities by lending exceptional services to start, run, and grow business.

Being the knight in shining armor, the Shopify platform has empowered the world technologically, economically, and socially by bridging gaps. However, being an excellent platform, it is no less risk-prone to cyber threats. With malicious practices and data breaches exponentially growing, data security and protection is an aspect worth voicing and addressing at initial stages.

A small hole can sink the entire ship; the world knows that. So, if you want to have a future in commerce and Shopify is your platform choice, make sure you get rid of the Shopify security issue barrier as early as possible. 

Read to learn the ways of securing your Shopify store effortlessly. 

How to secure your Shopify store?

  • Activate SSL certificate

Before you start working on your Shopify store, check whether the SSL(Secure Socket layer) certificate is enabled at the platform or not. Earlier, the process was entirely manual, where organizations had to buy annual licenses through the respective domain provider. However, Shopify made it simple by supporting the SSL certificate as part of their platform. 

An SSL certificate is an absolute necessity when it comes to securing your Shopify store. It effortlessly routes all the traffic through HTTPS instead of HTTP, which is a far more secure way for customers to access your platform. Therefore, it is necessary to double-check whether the certificate has been enabled or not. 

  • Keep strong passwords

The fundamental aspect of securing your Shopify store is using a strong password as the defense against malicious practices. People often say that strong and long passwords are difficult to remember and, therefore, end up using common and simple to crack passwords. 

In today’s era, compromising with security is no less than putting one’s business at the stake of shutting down. So, it has become more critical than ever to use strong passwords in the present cyberattack era. However, to ease your load, you can incorporate password managing apps built to keep security and encryption as their central focus. 

Using password managers brings a plethora of benefits like it allows you to increase the difficulty of passwords; it stores all your secure information in one place, and many more. So, rather than putting your Shopify store at stake, use such password managers instead.

  • Enable two-factor authentication

The foremost step before getting into other details of securing Shopify is the usage of two-factor authentication. This procedure enables an extra security layer to prevent malicious attacks from hackers. 

The first step of authentication includes your username and password. The second step that makes the security tighter is something very personal to the owner, not known to anyone else. It is a random code generation that is only known to the owner. Thus, this makes your Shopify platform much more secure than ever.

  • Set roles for access

Unmonitored access, given to anyone and everyone, can be really harmful and can cause a more significant threat to security. To secure your Shopify platform, it is imperative that higher authorities set certain access limitations within their software. To do this, the project manager can restrict access roles among the working team differentiating the ones who can view, edit, and modify. 

However, defining every employee’s roles, along with their authorization access, helps make the Shopify store safe from data breaches. For setting permissions at your Shopify store, you have to go to Settings > Account > Staff Members. Thereafter, you can add the respective team member, and then to restrict their access, click on their name.

Always start with giving “least privilege” access, and then with time, you can increase their access permissions as per the job requirements.

  • Limit the apps’ access

Another Shopify security issue tends to occur due to unauthorized application access to your store. Specific applications introduce bugs to the store, which can ultimately delete the entire product making the platform highly unreliable.   

Be cautious enough while you install applications to your stores. Start with reading their review and do tonnes of research before getting into actual action with the application. Last but the most vital step is giving the right permissions to these applications. 

However, it is best that you have a good backup of your Shopify to limit the security issues and restrict the unethical practices.

  • Backup your content

Contrary to many beliefs, content does not remain safe on the cloud after it entirely gets deleted. Similarly, once the data gets deleted from Shopify, it is gone forever. However, Shopify enables you to import backed up data like CSV files, but all this seems useless when the entire product, along with its images, are deleted. 

So, what is the better alternative? Backing up entire data manually should be your go-to solution, or an app doing the task automatically for you can be another option. Rewind is an excellent example if you are hunting for such a data-backing app.

How can Techies Infotech help?

All your efforts and time invested goes in vain if a single data attack occurs on your Shopify platform. With increasing cyber-attacks, data protection and security have become critical concerns for every enterprise.


Hence, to have a trustworthy customer engagement on your Shopify store, it is recommended to follow the above practices. In the matter, this seems too much, and you want to outsource your Shopify development and security tasks, Techies Infotech is your go-to solution. We have mastered the skills of making your Shopify platform highly protected that offers trustworthy experience to your experience. 

So, if you are hunting for the finest Shopify development and security outsource, connect with us right away! For more information, you can visit







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