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May 31, 2021

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The era today isn’t just confined to the limited scope or measurable area but has gone far beyond that, demolishing each geographical bound through aggressive online presence. In the world of infinite possibilities, there is an oceanic radius for marketers to grow their businesses. Among many of the options, Instagram has become top grossing, most loved and highly preferred tool of social media marketing. Hence, if you want to convert the browsers into shoppers and get your sales graph to high peaks, Instagram is the best option.

We know that there is a good scope of growth on Instagram, but we still are in oblivion with regards to ‘How does Instagram works for eCommerce businesses.’

  • It fascinates a vast audience, enhances your reach, helps you in the betterment of brand positioning and magnifies your business.
  • It includes images which are of superior quality and are more engaging.
  • Since Instagram is a responsive mobile app, users can have easy reach to your online shop.

The brands today are no longer relying just on Facebook for their promotion but now they have included Instagram too into their social media marketing campaigns to achieve the targeted level of business.

Instagram is the best place for the startups to give a shoot to their initiation and for the already established brands to drill deeper in the market. It is the perfect solution to convert passive shoppers into active customers.

Let’s find out how Instagram can accelerate your business with these 8 basic steps.

Switch your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Instagram has a commendable feature of Business Profile in which one can set up a professionally acceptable profile with relevant information extracted from other social media platforms like Facebook while retaining Instagram’s marketable links. It also provides you some beneficiary information like impressions, reach, clicks etc. on a timely basis.

If you do not know how to change your personal profile to a business profile, follow these easy steps.

  • Open your account setting and click the option of ‘Switch to Business Profile’
  • Log In to your Facebook account in the app, and chose the page you want to connect to Instagram. Make sure that you have admin rights of that page.
  • Link some information from your Facebook Page to an Instagram page like email address or phone number.

Visually appealing Photos

Try posting photos which stimulate one’s visual senses and feast the eyes of the searcher. Remember that the recommended size of an Instagram image is 1080 x 1080 pixels. Another good way of increasing your online traffic is by applying watermarks to your images. Prefer writing your domain name on your photos. This way when a customer gets fascinated by one image, his curiosity arises to know more about the brand. Hence, with the help of the watermark, he may reach your site, which would gradually increase your site engagement and its traffic.

Make a good use Hashtags

Visually attractive photos solely can’t help you achieve your goal. They need a support of hashtags. Hashtags basically help Instagram catalog your products into a category. If you are using appropriate hashtags, your posts are more likely to reach a much larger audience; being specific, your posts are much likely to reach your target audience. But using too many and irrelevant hashtags might give negative reacts to your posts.

Hashtags make your profile easy to find over the large social media platforms. When the Instagram content is shared on Facebook, the hashtags get copied and hence it becomes easy to search your profile using hashtags on Facebook graphs.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is one of the greatest tools for social media marketers. It can improve the lead conversion rates of your website, hence taking your website to another level. Here are some of the points on how Instagram advertising can help you in your business growth.

  • The average duration of user engagement on Instagram is 198 seconds, which is the highest of any social media platform. Hence, users are more likely to see your advertisement than on any other platform.
  • Ad recalls from Instagram is 2.9 times higher than other social sites. This means that ads from Instagram are more likely to be remembered by people.
  • Instagram ensures that your ad gets noticed and attracts the most potential customers. According to research, users are 120 times more likely to engage in the ads of Instagram than that of Twitter and 58 times more likely than that of Facebook.

Tools for selling with Instagram

There are 2 effective Instagram selling tools which could be used to boost the sales. These tools are:

Creating a Clickable Storefront

Selling becomes much easier when your link gets converted into a clickable storefront, showcasing all your merchandise. There are many softwares which could help you attach many products to a single image. For e.g. Yotpo. Now with your link in the bio, a potential customer can visit your store and buy the items using the ‘Buy Now” button, making buying easy.

Hashtag Selling

Hashtags are in the latest trends of the online marketing. Attaching the relevant hashtags may bring a lot of traffic to your products. There are many hashtags which when added help you in online selling by adding your products to their sites as well. One such hashtag is Inselly.

Post-User-Generated Content

People seek a personal touch to every post. Encourage your users to create content for you. Ask them to click pictures with your products and give the reviews. Ask them to post their pictures with the products. This way, other users will get inspired to purchase from you. This is called a Referral Marketing Technique and can bring a positive impact on your business.

Ask Influencers to review your products

Influencer marketing is one of the top-grossing types of online marketing. It acts just like the word-of-mouth. A merit of using Instagram is that we can reach any person of any field or basically saying the mass influencers.

Asking them to collaborate with the brand may bring good fortunes for the business as the followers of the influencer take them seriously and perhaps act too on what they want. It further improves sales and increases revenue.

Time for the Contest

Give a velocity to your conversions by running contests, giveaways and discount coupons to your followers. It would not only increase your following but would improve engagement on Instagram too. Do not forget to launch the teasers before the campaign to leave a tingling effect in the minds of your followers.

Now that you have come to know that what role Instagram can play to boost your business, it is time to implement these techniques in real life.

Get the aid from such experienced people of the field to proclaim your presence not only on Instagram but every other web platform. Get a hand from Techies Infotech, a social media marketing agency in melbourne, Australia to give a growth to your businesses and dreams.

Manisha Sharma

As the Creative Head and a Unity Developer at Techies Infotech FZCO, I coordinate teams, learn development, and design graphics products for various industries, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have created images and layouts for multiple projects, including food, healthcare, and clothing. I have also developed creative design for print materials, banners, and signs. I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences with AR, VR, and gaming technologies.

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