Google Release Source Code for Android I/O App

As per the annual trend of Google to release source code for its I/O app after few weeks of developers conference, the remarkable 2018 I/O Android version with a “comprehensive rewrite” featuring Architecture Components, Kotlin, Material Theming, and other modern elements has been released. The Kotlin is a novel, modern language, to write the codebase of the app itself, and is also used with Google calling it an “easy choice” to use Android’s newest supported programming language.

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Rather than following the conventional Content Provider + Sync Adapter Architecture that’s been followed in the I/O 2017 app, the 2018 version would incorporate dramatic ground-up rewrite, following the new Android Architecture Components system, per Google.

Furthermore, several Firebase services are applied

  • Cloud Firestore
  • Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Remote Config

The paramount purpose of the app is to serve as a scheduler for the event, and continuing to be a good indicator of what’s in store for users in terms of the visual aesthetic trend that Google would be following in a given year. Likewise, it would reveal the ‘recommended’ coding practices, for developers by giving them a peek at how the newest APIs and platforms can be best utilized. There’s now a bottom navigation bar, and the system nav bar is themed to match it. With the navigation bar one can have quick access to general information, the schedule, and a map.

The prevailing methodology has also seen changes. Now, the more prominence is given to the modularity. Get a better handle on Google’s Best practises for app development. The app is accessible for developers on Github.

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