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May 28, 2021

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In the dynamic arena of the online world, nothing seems stable. The web development, which is an integral part of the online world keeps on changing according to the latest trends, fashion, tastes and preferences. With the upcoming of the year 2019, a lot has been stirred in the recipe of web design.

Let’s now look at what changes have been brought up in the world of website designing and development.


Believe me, we human beings are very impatient and flighty. We do not want to spend a single extra second over a thing if we can find another alternative. According to a study, a viewer wishes to see a site get loaded within 2 seconds and they abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

We know that a site needs to be a real beauty. But, what fun is in that if a person is not even loading the site. Hence, it is necessary that a site should be designed in such a way that it can load faster and easier. A website designer should not rely completely on the developer for speed optimisation, rather he should himself make necessary changes as required to make the website load faster.

To give it even more prioritisation, Google has begun prioritizing rankings for the sites which load faster. So, buckle up the seats and give an upper pace to your website speed. In case you need any help, reach out to Techies Infotech, the best website design and development company in India. And we shall provide you with an experienced aid for your betterment.


Flat Design

Simple, Sober, and Best
This is now the Mantra of Website Designing. Since the last couple of years, mobile surfing has increased to a large extent. But sites, which have high-resolution images, finicky designs and other hullabaloos, tend to slow up the loading process. Hence, to make good out of it, designers have started shifting to simple designs which not just reduce the load on the site but also give a pleasing look to the eyes.

It isn’t necessary that a site with basic designs would have a horrible outlook. The designer just needs to be creative, and he can make a gold cloak out of rags. A simple and light site is going to increase the speed of loading and would gradually get a good rank by Search Engines like Google and Bing. What else could be that good?


Mobile First

As discussed earlier, mobile searches have increased significantly from the past some years; with this change, Google too has altered its ranking criteria.

Formerly, sites used to be ranked on the basis of their desktop response and they were initially made for desktop screens, having an add-on option of making it mobile-friendly. But now, designers have to make a site according to mobile first and then they can make an alteration for the version of the desktop.

If the site is made according to mobile first, it gradually attains the attention of Google and lures it to get a good SEO ranking.




Broken Grid

The online world is all about innovation and thinking out of the box. The audience demands something different every time and if this demand is not fulfilled, it can doom the company.



The designer needs to pro-activate his creative mind and break the grids in an attractive manner. He then needs to place everything on the page asymmetrically in such a way that it would tingle the reflexes of the visitor. This serves many benefits. One, it brings something new to the world; Two, the visitor would find the site oddly satisfying; and Three, it would increase the customer engagement over the site.

With the use of shapes, colours, textures, and dynamic imagery, the designer can direct the user’s attention in an engaging and a whole new manner towards the content.


In order to maintain the attractiveness on the website even after implementing broken grids and flat designs, shapes come to help. These are not any other shapes for which you need a specific study, rather these are only those simple geometric shapes about which we learnt in the middle school.

The magical thing about shapes is that they can fit anywhere and can increase the fascination by a million times. Geometric shapes, if coupled with bright colours tingle the senses of a human being, making the site even more engaging.

With the geometric rules of perfection, these shapes pacify the chaos created by flat and asymmetric designs. In fact, each shape represents a different feeling. A circle represents unity, a rectangle represents stability, triangles and rhombus have made their association with the dynamic nature. Each sector of the economy has a different suited shape. It is just a matter of creativity that how it is implemented on the website. Simpler designs, broken grids, shapes have taken an auspicious place in web development which seems to rise in 2019.


Closing Comments

So, these are some of the many trends which are going to restructure the whole idea of web development in 2019. In case you find it difficult to own it as your own new habitat, let us help you get through it. Techies Infotech, (Yeah! That is what we are called) is the best web development agency in Melbourne, Australia has some of the pro players of the field.

With years of experience and wide knowledge, we are sure to provide you with the best service and as what our previous experiences say, we can provide you with the work even above your expectations. So, wait no more and reach out to us!


Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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