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With the optimal combination of omnichannel presence, user-centric solutions, and know-your-customer tools, we help eCommerce businesses increase revenue and customer reach.
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    Innovative eCommerce Solutions to Achieve Infinite Possibilities

    The development of eCommerce apps and websites is one of Techies Infotech’s specialties. We can blend your brand's imagination with our robust technology stack to turn your dream store into a reality.

    You can count on our eCommerce web developers to review your requirements, identify the competitive roadblocks, and outline the eCommerce web development plan.

    Our eCommerce development services in Dubai boast cutting-edge user interfaces, advanced search engine optimization capabilities, and user-friendly features that help businesses rank higher.

    The services we provide in eCommerce application development include eCommerce website design, eCommerce web design, Business to Business and Business to Consumer eCommerce, eCommerce Storefront development, eCommerce Shopping cart development, and Custom web-based eCommerce solutions.

    Why choose Techies Infotech as Ecommerce Development Company

    Techies Infotech offers a full-suite of eCommerce development services, including strategy, integrations, migrations and of course, the building of results driven online stores. We also provide ongoing 24x7 support and maintenance, to help keep your site open for business and able to always generate revenues.

    Diversified Solutions for Diversified eCommerce

    By combining our knowledge of information technology and eCommerce development, we help retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers boost sales, retain their clients, and expand their audiences. In order to make your company stand out in the eCommerce market, Techies Infotech augments eCommerce solutions that are technically impeccable and visually appealing.

    Online Stores

    We manage mobile-friendly web stores, coupon websites, and drop shipping platforms to ensure that your customers enjoy a positive buying experience regardless of the device they're using.
    With our experience as an eCommerce development company, we have handled projects of varying complexity and in a wide range of sectors, including consumer or capital goods, food delivery, media distribution, business, or public services.

    B2C Marketplaces

    The implementation of multi-language and multi-currency marketplaces allows us to achieve an uninterrupted collaboration between multiple sellers and their customers.
    Our eCommerce development services help providers to present and manage their products in the most efficient manner, while also enabling customers to access the most comprehensive set of services and products on a single portal instantly.

    B2B Trade Portals

    A centralized hub allows us to connect all the trading stakeholders, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and their subsidiaries, in a feature-rich B2B portal.

    By creating a competitive public offering, establishing secure multichannel global trade, and working with traders around the world, our solutions help businesses to establish and manage a successful global trade.

    eCommerce Aggregators

    Our team is ready to assist you if you are interested in integrating multiple vendors and combining their offerings under the same hood. The eCommerce aggregators that we implement enable you to easily host and manage a wide variety of brands while providing them with the chance to promote their products and services. We integrate advanced APIs for payment integration, customer management, billing, and order management.

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    Proven Services to Help you Grow your eCommerce

    eCommerce Consultation

    Our eCommerce development department also offers advisory and technical assistance to help businesses improve their eCommerce performance continuously. As part of our eCommerce roadmap planning services, we provide our clients with the optimal set of technologies.
      •  Establishing an IT-focused eCommerce strategy
      •  Assessing existing and future eCommerce solutions
      •  Analyzing the effectiveness of your eCommerce solutions from a usage and management perspective
      •  Choosing the right eCommerce solutions to expand your business or attract new customers
      •  Taking a technology-centric look at customer-facing and internal eCommerce solutions

    eCommerce Audit

    Our comprehensive audit of your eCommerce ecosystem can help you align outlined targets with your actual eCommerce results. To help identify and eliminate inconsistencies in your eCommerce solutions, our audit services kit is packed with tech-focused activities.
      •  Exploring the solution’s architecture and structure
      •  Using typical user journeys to assess user experience
      •  Monitoring the security of eCommerce systems, such as authentication mechanisms, sensitive data processing, ordering, and payment mechanisms
      •  Assessing the effectiveness of search and filtering
      •  Testing the stability and performance of the solution

    eCommerce Optimization

    In response to the audit results, our eCommerce developers and consultants provide practical recommendations and professional assistance to make improvements to your eCommerce ecosystem. By tweaking your solutions, we make them easier to manage and support and make them more effective.
      •  Creating a process to recover abandoned carts
      •  Incentives and trust-building features to motivate buyers
      •  Making it easier to locate products and services by optimizing the advanced search and filtering options
      •  Integrating business-to-business interaction and entertainment
      •  Optimizing your current solution to make it more engaging for your customers.

    Our Success Stories

    Empowering eCommerce Businesses with Scalable Technology Stack

    Adventure HQ

    Adventure HQ is one of the best retail markets for outdoor adventure gears, sports, and fitness accessories in Dubai. You can find the largest range of sportswear, biking, kayaking, camping, hiking, etc. on their Shopify store.

    Shopify Store Development & Maintenance
    Store Migration, Theme Customization & Feature enhancement under maintenance contract

    Content Writing Services
    • Optimized existing content on the website and introduced blogging
    • Avg. CTR increased to 2.6% from 1.4% through blogs
    • 42% increase in organic clicks coming from blogs

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • 40% increase in new users on the website every quarter
    • 38.98% increase in organic orders every quarter
    • 15% drop in the bounce rate every quarter

    Creative Design Services
    Designed graphics for web banners, social media & email templates for marketing

    Homesmiths, UAE

    Homesmiths, a DIY concept in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is based on a bedrock of ``why buy when it can be built at home`` and we have taken this belief right down to the community level with our convenient stores which are strategically located in Dubai. We offer a smart, yet comprehensive range of products across categories such as houseware, electrical, plumbing, gardening, home hardware, tools, small appliances, storage solutions, paints and more. However, the 'Homesmiths Experience' doesn't end with a purchase.

    Search Engine Optimization
    • 135.77% increase in new users on the website every quarte
    • 32.88% increase in organic orders every quarter
    • 142.33% increase in orders every quarter from branded searches

    Content Writing & Marketing
    • Optimized existing content on the website and introduced blogging
    • 66.75% increase in pages/session every quarter from blogs
    • 64% increase in organic clicks coming from blogs

    Magento 2 Support & Maintenance
    Upgraded to Magento 2.4, Improved website performance, page speed & implemented security patches

    Forever 21

    Forever 21 is a company that appeals to young consumers who desire fast fashion in a world of constantly evolving trends. Forever 21 can now tailor its offering per market according to its marketing strategy and business goals, including running market-specific promotions.

    Continuing legacy of
    Requirement Gathering, User Persona’s research, SOW & SRS/BRS Documentation

    UX Design Process
    • UX Research & Analysis
    • UX Strategic Planning
    • UX Prototyping & Mockups

    Shopify Store Development & Maintenance
    • Theme Customization
    • Feature Enhancement
    • Single Page Checkout
    • Personalized Shopping Experience
    • Store Pickup, Loyalty Program & Returns/Refunds

    SEO & Performance Marketing
    • 900% increase in brand searches
    • 8.1% increase in CTR
    • 98% increase in organic revenues
    • 43.52% increase in CPC revenues
    • 70.19% increase in users from CPC

    Yo Treasure

    Yo Treasure first opened their doors to retail in 2016, with a mandate to offer incredible value to the end consumer so that they can shout, ``Yo Yo Yo...I found a Treasure!``. Yo Treasure offers high-quality products at incomparable prices, without compromising the quality or integrity of the product in the US market.

    Yo Treasure offers the jewelry, the expertise, and the vision to mark the moments that define you.

    Scope of Services
    • Shopify store development and maintenance
    • Theme/Feature Upgrades
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Content Marketing

    Content Marketing services
    • Optimized existing PLP & PDP web content
    • Quality blog writing that resulted in an 8000% increase in organic clicks.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • A 62.91% increase in organic traffic and a 20% increase in revenue and orders
    • The organic impressions got up 24053% from the previous period with a 34% MOM increase


    Affordable Luxury, Credible & Exclusive Brands with Authentic products range; Cozmada celebrates the star in every woman showcasing her confidence as she embarks on her journey to discover her identity and personal style.

    Cozmada offers today a unique online beauty experience within the Middle East with a vast variety of iconic, loved, and trustworthy global brands with amazing products offering the best & latest solutions for your hair, skin & nail care.

    Scope of Services
    • Webstore migration from Magento to Shopify
    • Development & maintenance of global standard Shopify stores
    • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • The website started ranking for more than 1500 keywords in less than a month
    • Built 1000+ quality backlinks in less than a month
    • 25% MOM growth in Organic traffic & revenues


    Certified with AS/NZS, Gabroo International offers a multitude of lamps designed especially for your kids. Available in a plethora of colors, our lamps are an amalgamation of safety, softness and reliability.
    Our lamps are a beautiful and functional addition to any child’s bedroom. Kids and parents will love reading together by the stylish reading light.

    Custom Ecommerce Development
    UI/UX Strategy, UI Design, Custom PHP development, Database Design.

    Creative Content Production
    Designing graphics, video, gif’s, html email templates, product video & photo shoot


    We are results-orientated professionals with decades of experience in the improvement space. We can do business or process improvement at your place of business as well as train your people either face-to-face or by using online training courses.

    Custom WordPress Development
    Custom theme development, Plugin development, Advanced custom fields

    Shopify Maintenance
    eCommerce integration, Payment gateway integration

    Learning Management System
    LMS integration,, Live training session

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