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May 15, 2021

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In today’s world, generation is techno-savvy and surrounded with gizmos, such that the digital medium has become most accessible than any other medium for marketing. Digital marketing is the latest trend and digital platform to generate revenue for prosperous outcomes and is increasing rapidly regardless of small or big enterprises.

In the coming decade, this trend will significantly uprise to register and run every single service via internet and demand for digital marketing professionals will also increase. Perhaps, professionals have to be adaptable and upgrade themselves with technology and applications which are continuously changing. Our leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne provides expert service complying with the latest trends in digital marketing.


It is easy to give commands by voice than typing words. With the advent of technology and the latest applications, most of the people are considering voice search as a useful service to search for information on search engines. Approximately 31% of smartphone users prefer voice search over typing and in future, it will grow as the new generation find it more convenient and prompt.

Besides, voice search devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home have made its mark among the next generation and most of the people will shop for these devices in future. It was analysed that 50% of all searches will be voice searches in the coming decade which makes voice search as the biggest online marketing trend of 2020. This trend will also require a change in SEO because users will tend to use longer and accurate phrases than simple keywords. To refer, instead of saying “apple pie recipe” user will say,” how to make an apple pie?”.

SEO IN 2020

With the introduction of new devices, SEO would need changes too, as most people will prefer voice search than other methods. Subsequently, terms will be more specific for the required result. Hence, your content should be adaptable to new changes to stand in existing search engines. Videos have become the more preferable source of information, for which you need to have a quality SEO to keep it in search results.

Besides, for the best organic result, snippets should be preferred which will drive more clicks to your website. Nonetheless, position zero on SERP is the latest twist introduced by google where information is on the top of the search results directly answering the query of the user. For zero position one should have SEO with quality and in-depth content, keyword phrases with featured snippets as well as good on-page and off-page SEO. Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne is perfect solution provider complying with latest trends.


What attracts people to buy from the internet? Many reviewers replied that medium with attractive pictures lures them more to do online shopping than any other form. Consequently, most of the businesses are opting social media platforms to sell their products via e-commerce. However, it will require them to post most shoppable and lucrative posts for attracting the potential market.

Posts would have native integration that makes sure it is easy to tag and shop product directly in your post by driving more traffic to product pages. There are many industries which are constantly making better strategies to give a surplus hike to business via e-commerce. To name a few:

  • E-commerce for electronic goods
  • E-commerce for Cosmetics
  • E-commerce for Software products
  • E-commerce for Insurance policies


This trend is going to rise in the next decade with more than 60 per cent of businesses will choose e-commerce as a major medium for trade.


Do you think advanced technology with impressive features will knock the door of every house? Yes, indeed! Virtual reality devices take the user to another vision by replacing reality whereas augmented reality devices add on to the top of reality, what the user is already seeing. Although they have the same designs but accomplish very different things and have different ways.

HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are examples of virtual reality which completely blocks surrounding and takes them to the virtual world when the user wears them. Besides, Microsoft hololens and various enterprise transparent smart glasses which adds information on top when the user wears them are the equipment of augmented reality.

These both are powerful technologies which have yet to make a mark among common users. AR is already being used by top companies like IKEA, where customers can easily see how furniture will look in their home settings by wearing a piece of augmented reality glasses. In the coming decade, its popularity will grow even more among common masses.


What are your chances to buy, when surfing for products on the internet? The major problem which digital marketing is facing that over 95 percent of users does not convert to become consumer after checking into the website. Reason being, nature and interest of the consumers, which website fails to capture.

But, now through personalization, it is possible to engage the user on the website to show them products of their interest, by keeping a record of the pattern, that consumers typically like to buy. Websites like Amazon are already gaining customers through personalization. When a user who mostly likes to buy electronic equipment from Amazon checks for products, in result preferably shows electronic equipment to him. So most of the businesses will follow this technique in future for targeting more and more users.


Novelty is a key ingredient of progress. Businesses that are only dependent upon google analytics will be left behind. Due to the popularity of mediums like webinar, partnerships and affiliate marketing, companies would prefer to use analytic solutions to better tie-up with their databases, such as Amplitude. Companies will prefer a central place to tie up all data to make better-informed decisions. This will give them lifetime benefits instead of short-term incomes.


Nowadays, marketing emails have become less effective because click rates are rapidly going down. To overcome this problem, companies are leveraging more communication channels. Chatbots will become prominent, as some of it like ManyChat and MobilMonkey can connect Facebook Messenger with Instagram and Watsapp to gain popularity. Besides, tools which will push people to subscribe would be highly preferred to generate push notifications.


Where to have pop ads for abnormous outcomes? As consumers are mostly busy on mobile phones, companies are targeting them by mobile advertising. In future, this trend will touch new heights, as it is estimated that it will account for 30.5 percent of global ad spend which is expected to reach 1.3 trillion dollars.


Don’t dwell deep to ask you, Why video ad engagement is successful? Simply, the reason for it becoming the dominant force in global marketing is its powerful connection with consumers. The volume of online text fades away the interest of reader whereas creative, conceptual and disseminated information by video can galvanize the audience to end up becoming a consumer.

However, for marketing ROI in the next decade, you have to be more creative and conceptual. According to CISCO, video content will increase internet traffic by threefold in between 2016 to 2021. The market has realized that it can be a successful base for forming a relationship between consumer and their brand.


Impact of artificial intelligence on the future of digital marketing will be exceptional. By predicting purchase trends and user behaviour pattern, artificial intelligence dwells deep for information. Further, by the use of accelerated mobile pages(AMP), load time will reduce to rank among the top search results of Google.

As already discussed, AI will render personalized experience to the user, as he will see the list of items that he generally searches for. Artificial intelligence tools like Acrolinx will help the user to produce great content for the enterprise. Companies like Facebook, IBM, Caterpillar, Nestle are already using artificial intelligence. In the past marketers were apprehensive of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing but in future, it will become the backbone of every successful business on the internet.


Due to artificial intelligence and automation, smart bidding will become more prevalent and may become the norm for PPC account managers. Recently, updates were announced at Google Marketing Live for Google Ads for which these changes are possible. This improvement will better optimize your bid to give you the most value of every conversion.

Even, this will give you the ability to choose conversion actions at the campaign level, to optimize bids across several campaigns with desired conversion level and set bids to automatically change when the sale starts or stops.


Transformation is an inevitable process of time. To overcome problems in digital marketing, many companies are installing digital transformation programmes. By such companies would get better-integrated strategies, testing and optimization.

About 65 % of businesses either have or about to run digital transformation program in the coming years. This will improve digital skills, simultaneously integrating brand and product marketing in the business. Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne is expert and reliable to help businesses for digital transformation programmes.


This is another tactic which will trend in years to come. Social influencer marketing is a strategy to boost a follower base of social media influencer for hiking sales. It is not pushy and tends to be different from traditional marketing where advertisements slow down browsing speed and make it difficult for users to navigate the website.

As followers trust in social influencer due to his engaging stories and other strategies, they end up becoming a long-lasting customer. A survey related to internet consumerism revealed, about ⅖ consumers made a purchase by social media influencer’s tweet, whereas ⅗ purchasers were influenced by famous YouTuber. Moreover, they target niche directly approaching the audience interested in their products and provide value to customers for their products.

Even, it is less costly and regularly avail huge discounts to customers. Here leads are genuine and the conversion rate is more.


The process to investigate the nature of information whether positive, neutral or negative is better known as sentiment analysis. Undeniably, sentiments and opinions in a workplace or society, influences our progress. As sentiment analysis algorithm has been introduced by Google, it will affect the way of interpreting backlinks. For which if your reviews are not positive then it will negatively affect the ranking of your website.

Eventually, your content should have all the ingredients such as good user experience, emotional connection, reliability, authenticity and niche to successfully pass sentiment analysis.


Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne takes the onus to boost ROI of your business for marketing investments by par excellence strategies across the internet. Whether your business is small or big, our solutions are cost-effective and provide you with a better cost per lead to deliver prosperous outcomes. Our top priorities are to do brand awareness and to build a brand reputation of your business via social media marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing.

We undertake strategies like search engine optimization, content marketing and conversion optimization to generate revenue for your business. Tools which we use to garner your business are promising to raise customer retention, to give quick time value and assure comprehensive and organised information to customers. Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne tries to earn the trust of people for your business by well-planned, optimized and timely information.

We are committed to working like rocket fuel for your enterprise to get you most possible organic traffic on your site. Never feel we are far, just drop a call and we will get you solution in no time to multiply your income.

Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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