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May 12, 2021

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The times have taken an adverse turn, and a pandemic has fallen upon us. Where empty roads and deserted shops now trail the towns, the market has drifted down to the depths.
But, as it is a saying, ‘The show must go on,’ and so should we. So, here we present to you some fantastic digital marketing ideas which can let you explore the world while staying quarantined at your place. Have a look!

10 Digital Marketing Ideas

Brush off your to-do list of digital marketing?

Now that commuting to work is off the books, and there has been a shrink in your meetings and a relaxation in your corporate timetable, perhaps this is the right time to check-in on the stuff you couldn’t do in your routine.

Look into your website. See if it needs a redesign, re-plan your business strategies. Plan your further moves. You can even get conversion rate optimization at this time. Also, if you are thinking about your business, what about enhancing your SEO strategy for a wider reach.

Do not switch to the panic mode in a panic situation

We know that the times are callous, and the businesses are drowning to the abyss of the oceans. But in this situation too, we should keep our hopes high. REMEMBER! We are market drivers. If we fall, we take the world with us. We have to keep our strength and optimism on our front guards.

China has been an example of how the cases of COVID-19 can increase and then fall to bring a normal situation back. Let’s keep our hopes high and wait for the right moment.

Now, even if your income drains away and you have to take government assistance, I’d prefer to keep some digital marketing activity going on because we should not die in the eyes of the web. This is the real deal!

Create a bond with your clients

The typical life of an ordinary person has been affected the most. There are the clouds of gloom and despair hovering in the sky. Be the knight in shining armor for your clients. Help your clients in these times of need.

Lend them a hand in the tasks which go out of your business profiles. Create personal relations with your client base. Don’t you think it will help you once the pandemic ends?

Keep your social media hyper-active

As the people have been confined to the walls of their home, they are finding their way out through social media. Since the lockdown happened, there has been an increased usage of social media and video streaming apps. Well, isn’t this the golden opportunity to spread brand awareness? Well, jump up on occasion and attract the maximum returns.

Share some engaging content, let your name blink time and again with more engaging content which people would love to see. And once the lockdown ends, you will have a whole new potential public to spread your magic on.

Bring more sense to your local SEO

Now that the travels have been restrained, we are staying in the local areas, and so is our potential public. This is the right moment to strengthen your local SEO strategies to optimise the ‘near me’ searches. At this kind of time, when people are looking for more convenience, this could prove fortune for your future.

Another way to enhance your local SEO is by improving your online reputation management. Get good local reviews for your business to create a sense of trust in people. Encourage online reviews as much as you can.

Become philanthropic

Let’s face reality; people are in need, and they are looking upon businesses like that of ours. Let’s jump into the arena and lend a hand. Try to make the contacts with the production or distribution units of various medicines and sanitizers, try to get into contact with the local shopkeepers.

Help in the delivery of the products and earn the blessings of people. They will remember you, and your efforts would be paid off by making the people loyal to your brand.

Prepare your business for a possible jerk

The world is suffering much. And no matter how good you have planned, let’s face reality; there is going to be a depression in the market economy. Prepare yourself for that.

Keep adequate funds on your call, set the drafts of various campaigns so that you have to give one command, and your actions are out there to amend the condition.

Make your online presence noticeable

As people have become prisoners of their homes, their internet time has increased a lot. Make sure they can find you when they open up the web. There are chances that the boredom of the homes compels people to search for new businesses on Google. Make sure you are available to catch their searches.

There has been a large number of cancellations of the face to face meetings, and it has been hampering the workings of the companies. Make sure you are available on the web to manage your team and your clients even in these hard times.

Prepare thrust for your big jump

In this particular time, catch the golden opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming days. Streamline your tasks, manage your work, complete the previous stack, cover the work in advance. Monitor the behaviour of the market, try to predict the future of the market, and prepare your workings in advance.

And once the pandemic gets over, launch your strategies with full throttle. While the other businesses are busy seeing the situation, steal the world from them under their noses.

Use PPC advertising

The more the people are on the internet, the more are the chances of you being discovered. Take the situation to your advantage and increase your PPC Advertisements. While confined in homes, Google searches have increased by 75%. Won’t that be the most excellent time to be discovered?

Show your product to be a pandemic-necessity. Let the people know how your product can help them in these times. Attach your campaigns with the sentiments of people and steal their hearts with your products.

How are big businesses taking advantage of the situation?

Big businesses are becoming examples of how one can mould the marketing strategy to remain in touch with the clients, even in the times of pandemic. Here are some cases.


KFC intelligently designed an Instagram post promoting social distancing while advertising their chicken. It used a Mindy graphic to promote their drive-thru deliveries along with their ‘industry-leading sanitation hand washing policies’.


Google has always been the knowledge enhancer for the people. The marketing of Google at the times of CoronaVirus Pandemic has been similar. Google, on Instagram, promoted a step-by-step infographic on the ideal way of washing the hands and to honour Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, the first person to identify the benefits of washing hands with soap.

Wrapping up

Remember ‘Tough times end; tough people don’t.’ This is the right moment for the most robust business around the corner. Don’t let the pandemic affect your business. The internet has infinite possibilities and opportunities. Use it for your benefits, and your business will thrust to the heights.

Remember that this is the right moment to enhance your business; and if you are still feeling confused on how to utilise this vacant time for productivity, contact us, Techies Infotech , the best Digital Marketing company in Melbourne , available for your service, regardless of the ongoing conditions. Give us a ring today!

Deepak Kumar

I am an out of box thinker, mentor, digital marketing consultant to many businesses, love the software development industry, and even help businesses choosing the right technology for their product. I am an integrated marketer with extensive experience in the field to create profitable programs and provide innovative marketing and branding strategies to increase revenues, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships. I educate businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to stand out from the noise.

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