An idea turned into reality!

A musical mecca for their listeners to cater. With meticulous attention to detail, by blending orchestral elements, created a one-stop-shop website for all musical ears' needs.

Shanti App


Mobile Application

Shanti app

A mindfulness app that unwraps your heart and opens your soul. Shanti music app is an effective stress management app developed with the philanthropic aspiration of helping people overcome mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and more. Shanti app is induced with unique and profound Indian content. It is a freemium app that brings a sense of purpose for peace, rest, calmness, and bliss. Designed after in-depth clinically validated research, Shanti app is one of its kind in the market of over 2000 meditation apps.

  • Branding
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Design

Customer requirements


User interface

To reach a vast audience, we designed a fully functional mobile app to transform the idea in the client’s mind into reality. The platform’s fundamental user journey needed to be illustrative and explained every feature and function. The goal of user interface design was to make the digital interaction as seamless, fluid, intuitive, and efficient as possible.


User experience

User Experience of the app was strategized to maximize the user’s pleasure, satisfaction, motivation, efficiency, and productivity while using the app. The app must focus on ensuring that it actually makes an impact in real people’s lives and help them attain peace of mind.


Android and iOS app

The goal to remain ahead of the competition and always in front of the customer required the app development for both Android and iOS. The purpose was to focus on engaging the sheer volume of users through every channel.

Solutions we implemented

Designed a completely responsive and functional mobile app backed with the integration of Swift, Kotlin, and Laravel.
A user-friendly and frictionless user interface with simplified navigation and filtering.
Induced brand equity and online reach through an eye-catching and cutting-edge mobile platform.
Implemented features and technologies that aligned all current brand values.
Incorporated a user that builds trust and credibility among users for boosted conversions.

Technology stack


Kotlin being a modern statically typed programming language, was chosen to write a better and faster android app. It helped in uncovering the brand identity in its best version. The embedded galore of Kotlin features enabled us to develop a responsive customer-oriented app.


For developing the app for iOS, we preferred the Swift language. Embracing this modern language, we designed a platform embedded with a plethora of features like safety, performance, and software design patterns.


To develop an expressive framework, we chose Laravel to make a seamless and highly functional backend. Our attempt was to make development as simplified and authenticated as possible.


To have a safe and secure core infrastructure for critical data, we held the hands of AWS. From protected storage to high-performance writing or reading, the app's critical functions were implemented effectively.