Journey of consideration, design and influence!

From offline to online, the journey of making every idea visible was blended with the right strategies to deliver a solution that empowered people and the healthcare industry.

Amandeep Group Of Hospital


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Amandeep group of hospital

Amandeep group of hospitals has emerged as India's foremost integrated healthcare and medical facility. Being the nation's leading hospital, it is acclaimed for pioneering the healthcare revolution in India with its advanced healthcare services. The cornerstones of their legacy include their unsparing focus on medical excellence to make healthcare available to everyone and anyone at affordable costs.

  • Branding
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Design

Customer requirements


User interface

Getting an online face to reach everyone and anyone was the foremost step. The aim was to design an engaging user website that determines that users feel satisfied while using the website. The need was to include all elements with which users can interact to get information from the website.


Android and iOS app

A target audience is always around the corner, just waiting to be served up by businesses via their favorite apps. To build the brand and strengthen the customer experience, developing a mobile app was essential to expand the reach and enhance engagement. 


Search engine optimization

Reaching the relevant audiences using online media was a primary goal. The need of the hour was to make the website discovered by people through search engines whenever they searched for the service—setting the goal and heading in the right direction required SEO tune-ups.


Social media marketing

Once the platform got an online face, social media marketing was a wise way to communicate globally. Community building and brand awareness were the top priorities that were to be accomplished using social media marketing.


Paid advertisement

For the overall growth and success of digital presence, paid advertising was indeed a necessity for the platform. The technique was the means of delivering top-notch healthcare services to each household and delivering the message to its targeted audience in a short time at a low cost. 



To connect with people around the globe on an emotional level, the client required an appropriate visual medium. The need was to create content that shared their values and showcased who they were. Catering to these requirements, cinematography was picked for building trust among potential customers.

Solutions implemented

Designed a website backed by PHP, HTML, and CSS that ensured to convey the message deserving of the
Implemented all the elements and products specific to user and client requirements in the website; a detailed navigation feature along with the other provisions was effectively provided.
Implemented a fully functional digital marketing plan incorporating a technical and holistic approach to identify and execute anything that helps to enhance growth and adds value.
Lead Magnet strategy was used to ensure engagement from the right audience through the website and other channels.
Multichannel community-building induced with the right marketing strategies helped them become the pioneers.
Integrated all the digital marketing services to reach relevant audiences and increase brand visibility amongst their target audience.

Technology stack


To write up the website, we depended on our PHP experts. Our intent to build a fully functional platform offering maximized performance was accomplished using PHP.


For a clean, modern, and seamless user experience, we held the hands of a power-packed duo: HTML & CSS. They spiced the platform giving it the right facelift and ensuring that it conveyed the brand-deserving message.


For every piece of content, we trusted WordPress as the safest home. Its flexibility and robustness paved the way towards building a website that hits the target customers perfectly.


For developing an app that will be revolutionizing and competing with other apps, we chose Ionic. Incorporating Ionic ensured performance, customization, streamlining, and security. We developed an agnostic app with an entire suite of tools.