Accelerating their eCommerce journey with Shopify

From front-end design and marketing upsells to backend SEO tune-ups, we developed a full-service Shopify development platform. We blended form and function to develop a pixel-perfect Shopify store.

Adventure HQ


E-Commerce Store

About Adventure HQ

Adventure HQ is a Dubai-born marketplace with a niche focus on the sale of adventure products. Staying true to their original purpose, Adventure HQ has been the leading online marketplace for the best adventure gears in UAE, since 2011.
Adventure HQ’s online shoppers have access to an array of adventure gear in categories like camping, hiking, kayaking and so much more, making it a prominent superstore for adventurous souls.

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  • Design

Challenges of customer

Poor user interface

Adventure HQ needed to spice up their platform to make it more user-friendly and help visitors have seamless experiences. Their online interface had glitches like lack of content, complicated navigation, and much more. Thus, revamping was required to elevate and accelerate their business.

Lack of user experience

Adventure HQ wanted to launch a new branding approach through their platform. So it was essential for the website redesign experience to fit perfectly into their new approach and look. The user experience needed to be engaging, yet simple to reach every and any customer around the world. The platform aimed to evoke Adventure HQ’s approachable, professional brand personality.

Lack of conversions

Adventure HQ had an interface to attract customers but lacked the right visibility and organic search. Despite being the leading platform for adventure gears, they failed to achieve the optimal number of sales. To keep in front of their customers ahead of their competition, they needed to induce right profitable SEO strategies.

Solutions we implemented

Enhanced the overall website architecture to enable simplified browsing and a more frictionless experience using Shopify.
Created a more user-friendly eCommerce platform with improved navigation and filtering.
Implemented a fully responsive solution and integrated the authenticated payment gateway backed by Shopify.
Induced SEO strategies after a comprehensive analysis that paved the way for growth and increased organic search traffic for add lead generation.
Enhanced brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling that aligned and catered to all current brand values.
Implemented top-notch features and CRO techniques to improve trust and credibility for boosted conversions.

Results we achieved

Within a month of plans, executions, and implementations, we were able to generate an average of 400+ leads for the business, which were record-breaking for them.
$180K+ revenue was accomplished with the right strategies and executions.
Social media campaigns generated a conversion rate of more than 19%.

Technologies induced


The redesign of the website was planned to accomplish the desire to unveil a modified brand identity. To cater to all their challenges, we picked Shopify to revamp the website. Being the latest responsive technology, the platform enabled the customers experiences to be cohesive and fluid across all devices.

Liquid programming

Being a backbone of Shopify, Liquid programming effectively loads dynamic content on the eCommerce platform. It is a highly safe, customer facing template language used for developing flexible websites. It benefitted in catering to the galore of customizations required every now and then in the platform.