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April 6, 2022

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There is no question that every business wants to get more visibility online, especially on Google.

What steps can you take to make sure you appear for just the right people in local search results?

With the help of Google My Business Optimization, you can attract more searchers and convert them into paying customers.

In this article, we have covered all the essential Google my business SEO tips that will help you achieve quick wins without blowing your budget.

Why is Google My Business Important for Your Business?

Having a Google My Business optimisation provides the ability to list your business’s location on google maps and to appear in local search results.

It is possible to display important business details, such as the hours of operation, contact information, or a link to your website. Moreover, Google has just launched a new feature that allows you to share links to articles and upcoming events.

Business listings are free, but they should be viewed as an essential by every company. Having a Google My Business page is still beneficial if your business is online rather than having a physical store.

1. Boost review rates

Growing your GBP through reviews is the best way to do so. This doesn’t cost anything but increases your business’s organic search engine results visibility.

Take a moment and consider how you would choose a general contractor out of a large selection if you were hiring one for the first time.

Having no third-party confirmation of such factors as costs and quality of workmanship on a contractor’s website leaves you uncertain whether their claims are accurate.

If you want to increase your rankings in local searches, you need GBP reviews.

Having 10 to 15 reviews in the four-to-five-star range will increase your chances of being trusted by people looking for a particular service you offer in their area.

However, those reviews won’t appear right away.

Getting happy customers to leave reviews requires a bit of outreach.

The review requests that you send should encourage your customers to be as honest and detailed as possible.

Original pictures of the work or product you provided will make your customer much more likely to provide an honest review.

Since photos can help increase your GBP’s visibility even further.

2. Steer clear of spammy tactics

Google today can certainly detect when someone is trying to trick the search engine by automating content, creating doorways, and stuffing keywords into the content.

The same is true for GBP.

Being a Google tool, how is it possible for one of the most significant, most powerful search engines around to let spammy tactics slip by, such as paying people to leave positive reviews?

Potential customers are smart enough and will only trust an honest review.

Reviewers who mention incentives may seem dishonest to potential customers.

In the meantime, bribing people for positive reviews obscures the real picture of an issue.

People won’t mention any negative experiences with your business in their reviews.

As a result, potential customers may be “fooled” and disappointed when they expect better service.

3. Address negative reviews

To avoid working harder than you need to,  it is best to prevent negative GBP reviews or handle bad reviews as soon as they occur.

Obviously, in the former case, you would have to spend much more time digging into all aspects of your business and making sure everything is going fine.

At all times, be courteous to customers, and if anything goes wrong, be understanding, correct it promptly, and make sure everyone walks away satisfied.

Whenever negative reviews appear online, apologize and empathize with those customers feeling disappointed with your offered product and services. Doing this will demonstrate to the general public that you care about your customers even after they leave your business.

4. Maximize the potential of GBP tools

Last but not least, one final tip to optimize your Google My Business listing would be to use Google’s online business tool.

A great example of this is Google Marketing Kit, which allows you to create free stickers, posters, and social media posts to promote your business promotions and events.

Especially, social posts can significantly improve your online presence.

It is excellent to have your positive reviews created into cool posters with blurbs from the text and then post them to your social media platforms.

Users can also follow your business’s local profile on a social network such as Facebook or Instagram. Through this, followers will be able to access:

  • New social posts
  • Offers
  • Blog posts
  • Events
  • Product updates

All of these things contribute to making your brand more known to your followers.

Furthermore, Google Posts let you creatively promote deals, coupons, and events. You can even use images, videos, and call-to-action buttons to drive user engagement.

The analytics feature of Google Posts lets you see how users interact with whatever you post, which makes it a wonderful way to advertise using GBP. Next time, you will be able to develop even better posts based on the data you’ve discovered.

An important tip is to improve local SEO since it can quickly boost the Google My Business listing.


Optimizing your business’s local profile is essential to Google. It aims to create a healthy competitive environment between local businesses.

Almost everything Google does these days is to improve the user experience.

At Techies Infotech, as the Best SEO company, we can offer you expert help to make you rank on Google My Business Listing. We can help your business rank on the top page of search engine results by planning the best digital marketing strategies.

Sahil Sahotra

I'm a seasoned Digital Project Manager with a flair for crafting innovative business funnels. With over 5 years of expertise in both project management and digital marketing, I excel in devising strategies that fuel company growth and enhance visibility. Having successfully managed and delivered projects for over 100 clients across various industries, my strategic prowess and project management skills are unparalleled. My commitment to excellence and keen eye for detail make me a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape.

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